What Size Metal Building is Best for an Auto Repair Shop?

Metal is quickly becoming one of the most popular building materials for a variety of reasons. First, it is incredibly durable, which means less yearly maintenance and protection from severe weather. In addition, metal buildings are energy efficient, extremely customizable, and highly versatile.

One of the most common uses for prefabricated metal buildings is auto repair shops. Whether you want a big garage or a small one, a metal building can suit your needs. Using metal to create a car repair shop means you will save money on energy bills, labor costs during construction, and yearly maintenance.

At Titan Steel Structures, we offer quality pre-engineered steel buildings to our auto shop clients. Whether you are repairing compact cars or larger vehicles like RVs, a metal auto repair shop is the way to go.

How to Determine the Right Size for a Metal Garage

When you are creating a metal garage to be used for auto repair, there are a few things to consider. The most important part of planning a metal building is deciding the dimensions. The amount of square footage you choose will have a direct impact on your ability to effectively repair vehicles.

When choosing the dimensions for a steel auto repair shop, you must:

Allocate Space for Cars and Repairs

Metal structures come in all shapes and sizes. When you are creating an auto repair shop, the first thing you have to consider is how many cars you want to be able to work on at once.

If you only have two mechanics, you might only need space for two cars at a time. However, larger businesses will need space for up to 10 to 15 vehicles at once.

You will need to allocate space for:

Parking cars and pulling cars out when they are finished
Separate bays for working on individual vehicles
Break rooms or office spaces for employees
Room to use tools like lifts and jacks

Consider Equipment Storage

When you are running an auto repair shop, it is common to have small and large equipment that needs to be stored. Whether it is extra toolboxes, jacks, welding systems, or spare parts, you need a place to store your equipment.

Using a pre-engineered metal building means it is easy to plan a storage room in the layout of your structure. Whether you want a standard-size storage room or a large one that runs the entire length of the back of your auto repair shop, it’s important to consider your needs when determining the dimension you are choosing.

Create a Waiting Room

Most people who bring their car to an auto shop for quick repairs or oil changes will be waiting at your location until the job is finished. As a result, you should consider what size waiting room you will need for your repair shop before picking a dimension. If you have a shop large enough to house 15 cars at once, you might want a waiting room that can accommodate at least 10 people.

Typically, waiting rooms have a front desk, various car items to buy like air fresheners, and vending machines or coffee stations for guests. The amenities and customization options you want to include will affect the metal building size you should plan for.

Options for Auto Repair Shop Building Sizes

Steel building kits come in many different sizes. When you are building an auto body repair shop, the dimension you choose can affect how successful your business is. If you pick a building size that is too small, you might not be able to accept as much work as you should.

That being said, the size you pick should be able to accommodate the number of vehicles and equipment you need to fit in your building.

Ideal dimensions for an auto repair shop include:


At Titan Steel Structures, our most common size is a 40×60 auto body shop. This size allows for three 20-foot bays, allowing you to work on three vehicles at once. This size is cost-effective and offers just enough space to have a successful auto repair business.

Our expert engineers will help you create a car garage that is high quality, meets building codes, and exceeds your expectations. Metal buildings offer a wide range of benefits, making them a smart investment for any auto body repair business.

Get Started on a Quote for a Metal Auto Repair Shop Today

If you are interested in creating a metal auto repair shop, Titan Steel Structures is here to help. We have decades of experience in the steel building industry. When that is combined with excellent customer service skills, you can trust that our expertise will be exactly what you need to create the building of your dreams.

Contact us today to learn more about metal auto repair shops or get started with a quick quote.

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