Versova-Bandra Sea Link 15% Construction Complete

The Versova-Bandra Sea Link (VBSL) project, managed by the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC), has reached a significant milestone with 15% of the civil work now finalised. This ambitious infrastructure project, aimed at improving connectivity along Mumbai’s west coast, has seen the completion of one pier, with piling work for the remaining piers currently underway.

To facilitate the transportation of raw materials, machinery, and personnel, a fleet of barges is stationed at ten different sea locations. Among these, a specially designed barge equipped with a floating concrete factory, mixing plant, pump, and separate placing boom has been deployed to expedite the construction process. This innovative approach ensures that construction can proceed efficiently and effectively, minimising delays.

The VBSL project, which was initially slated for completion in December 2026, has now been rescheduled to May 2028. This extension accounts for the complexities and challenges inherent in such a large-scale infrastructure endeavour. The sea link will span the city’s west coast, providing a direct connection between Bandra in the south and Versova at Nana Nani Park in the north.

In addition to the primary link, the project includes intermediate connectors at Juhu Koliwada and Otter’s Club, enhancing accessibility for various neighbourhoods along the route. The sea link will also feature toll facilities, which are expected to help manage traffic flow and generate revenue for the maintenance of the infrastructure.

The Versova-Bandra Sea Link is poised to become a critical component of Mumbai’s transportation network. It promises to significantly reduce travel time between key points in the city, alleviate congestion on existing routes, and provide a more reliable and efficient mode of transportation for commuters. As work progresses, the MSRDC continues to employ advanced engineering techniques and innovative solutions to overcome the challenges of marine construction and deliver a world-class infrastructure project.

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