GAIL Inaugurates First Green Hydrogen Plant in Madhya Pradesh

GAIL (India) Ltd has recently marked a significant milestone in its transition towards renewable energy by inaugurating its first green hydrogen plant in Madhya Pradesh. This inauguration represents a pivotal step for the nation’s largest natural gas transmission and distribution company as it ventures into new and alternative energy sources. Situated at the Vijaipur complex, the 10-megawatt proton exchange membrane electrolyser, imported from Canada, stands as a testament to GAIL’s commitment to sustainability and innovation.

The plant is projected to produce approximately 4.3 tonnes of green hydrogen daily, boasting an impressive purity level of around 99.999% by volume. This significant output underscores the potential of green hydrogen as a clean energy solution. The process involves the utilisation of electricity generated from renewable sources, such as solar energy, to split water and produce hydrogen through electrolysis.

Aligned with the objectives of India’s National Green Hydrogen mission, which aims to achieve 5 million tons of annual green hydrogen production capacity by 2030, GAIL’s initiative signals the country’s growing emphasis on hydrogen as an alternative fuel. By leveraging renewable energy sources, GAIL is not only contributing to reducing carbon emissions but also addressing the increasing energy demands sustainably.

Initially, the hydrogen produced by the plant will be utilised alongside natural gas for internal use across various processes and equipment within the existing Vijaipur plant. However, plans are underway to expand its utilisation by distributing hydrogen to retail customers in nearby areas. High-pressure cascades will facilitate the distribution process, ensuring efficient and safe transportation of hydrogen.

To support the green hydrogen production process, GAIL is investing in approximately 20 MW solar power plants at the Vijaipur complex. These solar installations, comprising ground-mounted and floating setups, will provide the necessary renewable power to meet the electrolyser’s energy requirements.

Furthermore, GAIL is exploring hydrogen blending with natural gas as part of its city gas distribution network in Indore. While current regulations permit only up to 5% hydrogen blending with natural gas, GAIL is piloting higher blending ratios on an experimental basis. Collaborative studies with Engineers India Limited and IIT Kanpur aim to assess the viability of increased blending ratios and explore further possibilities for hydrogen integration in the natural gas infrastructure.

Overall, GAIL’s green hydrogen plant inauguration represents a significant step towards a sustainable energy future for India. By embracing renewable energy sources and innovative technologies, GAIL is playing a pivotal role in driving the country’s energy transition and reducing its carbon footprint.

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