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What Are Fasteners?

Fasteners and Screws are crucial to virtually every product you see today. It is important to pick the right fastener which is also critical to safety, both for the process and for the plant workers. While selecting fasteners for application industry size, it’s important that you select the right fasteners for your needs. That means not only choosing a specific size and type, but also it becomes important to choose the right material, coating and more.

Why Does The Right Fastener Matter?

Fasteners are known as the smallest component for your industrial product, but they’re among the most critical ones to utilize in the industry. It becomes essential that you choose a fastener that meets the specific needs of your product and how it will be used.

Choosing the wrong fastener can result in a product that doesn’t hold up over time or under stress. Choosing the wrong fastener can lead to expensive last-minute product redesigns or can increase the product cost.

As we know they are available in small sizes, but considering their quality is a must so that they can support your product to the fullest. It’s not just about picking the lowest-cost fasteners but choosing the most appropriate fasteners to ensure your product’s reliability and lasting success.

How to Choose the Right Fastener for Your Needs?

 While selecting a fastener, consider these five points to keep in mind;

1. How Is The Fastener Being Used?

The first thing to consider is how the fastener and the product itself will be used. For example, if we observe the fastener is regularly opened and closed, durable copper fasteners suppliers make sense.

2. Where is the Fastener Being Used?

Keeping the environmental factors in mind, fasteners and fittings affect the type of product your product needs. Fasteners are seen using it indoors in undemanding conditions and can be less robust than those used outdoors or in a more extreme environment.

3. What’s the Right Type of Fastener?

There are many types of fasteners available: bolts, screws, nuts, washers, rivets, anchors, inserts, rods, clips, pins, and more variations within each fastener type. Each type of fastener has its own core strengths, weaknesses, and applications, making certain types of fasteners a better choice in specific situations.  You need to choose the right type of fastener for your specific product, knowing how the fastener is being used, what materials it will be fastening, how the fastener fits within the overall product design, and more. A manufacturer can choose from off-the-shelf fasteners or they can make their own custom fastener for a specific product need. You can often use these standards to select the type of fastener you need.

4. What’s the Right Material?

The material chosen can affect not just cost, but also the strength and corrosion resistance of the fastener.

Fasteners are used among these common materials:

Stainless Steel is the most common material used in fasteners today, because of its high tensile strength and durability.Bronze, while more expensive, is superior to stainless steel in highly corrosive marine environments.Brass, while softer than steel or bronze, is also highly resistant to corrosion.Aluminum shares many of the same qualities as brass but is considerably lighter weight.Nylon is lightweight, unlike other materials it does not conduct electricity.

5. What’s the Right Coating for Fasteners?

The coatings are then added to fasteners to increase corrosion resistance. The most common fastener coatings include:

Zinc plating provides good corrosion resistance, although it can rust if the coating is damaged or exposed to water or extreme humidity.Along with a galvanizing coat, the fastener with a thicker layer of zinc for even better corrosion resistance, although the thicker coating can compromise fastener compatibility.Chrome plating also improves corrosion resistance and adds visual appeal to the fastener.


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