Three Types Of Press Brakes In Steel Fabrication

People working in the steel manufacturing industries and factories know that fabricating steel is not an easy job. Steel fabrication involves cutting, punching, stamping, shearing, and welding to get the desired steel form. Thus, the steel dealers or the manufacturers use press brakes to fabricate. Press brakes are the pressing machine or device that bends the metal sheets and plates under high pressure and strength. The bends on the metal sheets are made by clamping the matching punch and dye. However, with the help of science and technology, the press brakes machines are further classified depending upon their process. So, those working in the metal industry will at least learn and work with any of these types. Hence, a better understanding of the three types of press brakes in steel fabrication will be an additional advantage in this field. Therefore, let us know more about each press brakes type and its uses for many steel suppliers in Chennai.

Manual Press Brake:

As the name suggests, the manual press brakes are operated manually and were popular 50 to 60 years ago. These machines are also called sheet metal brakes, and the machine operators should feed the data manually. Hence, the operator should know about the machine’s dynamics and mechanics to set the angles and dimensions of the steel manually. Thus, the operator should repeatedly change the machine’s settings for different materials that too manually, which can consume more time. Therefore, these machines are used only for mass production. However, this equipment does not cost much but is not suitable for this fast-growing world. The manual press brakes are inefficient if you fabricate MS chequered plate for flooring with different angles and dimensions.

Hydraulic Press Brake:

Another popular pressing machine that matches today’s dynamic environment is the hydraulic press brakes. The hydraulic press brakes include a hydraulic cylinder that moves the machine’s RAM for the process. The hydraulic machine can bend the steel sheets up to 8cm and provide pressure around 1,200 tons. Thus, the hydraulic brake pressing machine offers greater yields and better control to the operator. The only concern about this machine is that they work within their tonnage rating and consume more power even when idle. However, it is used widely from industrial applications to the rebars and SAIL TMT bar production line.

CNC Press Brakes:

Thirdly, CNC or Computer numerically controlled press brakes are computer-aided machines that have made the operators’ job easier. These machines work on the servo motors with accessible pressure control, making the cutting more precise and accurate. The CNC press brakes have more tonnage rating and only use electrical conduction while working. The operator has only set the dimensions and angles for fabricating using the setting provided and can be changed per requirements. It is worth investing in this equipment to yield better results with lower energy consumption. 

These are the three mainly used metal pressing machines by leading steel manufacturers. Bharat Steel – the best MS steel suppliers in Chennai, offer quality metal sheets with precision and accuracy with the help of press brakes depending upon project or business.

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