Steel Structure Distribution Center

Steel Structure Distribution Center

China’s Distribution Center for fruits and vegetables, seafood, building materials, clothing, and toys has undergone comprehensive change and renewal in recent years. In this wave, steel structure buildings have become the leading choice for distribution centers, especially in renovating vegetable and fruit distribution; they are increasingly favored due to their excellent advantages. From long-span needs to safety considerations, the steel structure distribution center not only meets the multiple requirements of the market but also provides a modern and sustainable place for wholesale transactions.

The development trend of the distribution center:

Many large or small vegetable and fruit, seafood, building materials, and clothing and toy wholesale market in China are renovating old needs, and the newly built distribution buildings are mainly steel structure buildings.

This kind of distribution center is originally where people gather for transactions. People may have spontaneously collected the market to a particular site for trading, usually in the open air, without a fixed scope. With the development of the economy and the increasing living needs of people, the simple open-air market has gradually expanded into a more professional and centralized distribution center. It has also changed from the original mess to clean, hygienic and comfortable. Some local governments have begun to transform or build large-scale distribution centers and even slowly develop into national professional distribution buildings to provide people with convenient and comfortable trading places.

For example, fruit, vegetable, and seafood wholesale market generally do not require full-enclosed buildings; most only need a roof to protect them from wind, sun, and rain. Because the flow of people in the wholesale market is usually large, the most important thing is to have a large enough space and a large enough span. The steel structure frame building has become the best choice.

Advantages of steel structure distribution center:

The steel structure building can meet the larger span and space required by the distribution center. The maximum span of a steel structure depends on the roof load and the use of the building. There are also those with a span of 30-50 meters. The span is also proportional to the slope of the roof. Typical industrial structures have a span of 12 to 24 meters. The standard height of general industrial steel structure workshops is 6-12 meters. It can quickly meet the large-span and large-space requirements of various distribution centers.

The steel structure building has high strength and strong safety performance. The steel structure building uses steel as the main load-bearing skeleton, and its overall rigidity is relatively high, and its version of earthquake and wind resistance is high. Distribution centers usually have a large flow of people, and once a safety accident occurs, it will cause a massive loss of life and property. Therefore, safety is always the primary consideration in architectural design.

The construction period of steel structure buildings is short, the investment is fast, economical, and practical, and the installation is simple. Most of the steel structure components are produced in the factory, and the on-site installation is simple, fast, and does not generate construction waste. For example, an ordinary 1,000-square-meter steel structure distribution center building can be installed in 15 to 20 days, and it can be installed in about ten days if there is no wall panel. Steel structure distribution center is generally facilities that benefit the people. Of course, the sooner they are put into use, the better. Steel structure buildings can be perfectly satisfied.

Steel structure buildings are green and can be 100% recycled. Steel structure distribution center is generally government projects and may be relocated due to urban planning. At the same time, steel structure buildings can be disassembled, reused, recycled, and reused to save energy and significantly realize their economic value.

In conclusion, From the above points, we can see those steel structure buildings are the best choice for various large or small distribution centers, and of course, there are more advantages in other aspects. Therefore, the steel structure distribution center has become the best choice for wholesale markets and shopping malls.

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