Steel Coils & Its Applications In Various Industries

Steel coils have various applications, making them exceptionally versatile within various industries. They serve as raw materials for diverse products and fulfil various purposes across different sectors.

Steel coils are thin steel sheets rolled into a lengthy cylindrical shape, either hot-rolled or cold-rolled during production. The steel coils are widely used in various industries due to their remarkable attributes, such as strength, durability, resilience against weather and corrosion, adaptability, and cost-efficiency.

This blog explores the industries that harness all the benefits of steel coils in their respective sectors. 

Construction Industry:

Like numerous other steel materials like SAIL TMT bar, steel coils are widely used in construction. They are essential materials for various applications such as roofing sheets, building panels, pipes, walls, reinforcing bars (rebars), and integral structural elements such as columns, trusses, and beams.

In the context of roofing sheets, walls, and building panels, steel coils undergo a process where they are unwound and flattened into sheets, subsequently being precision-cut into the desired dimensions and configurations. In contrast, when manufacturing pipes, rebars, and other structural components, the steel coils are unwound, cut to the required lengths, and then either welded together or rolled into cylindrical forms before being further cut to meet specific length requirements.

Automotive Industry:

Steel coils have widespread application in manufacturing various automotive parts, such as car body components, chassis elements, and even exhaust pipes. The process involves unrolling the steel, cutting it to the required dimensions, and then shaping it using specialized machinery. This shaping process can result in the creation of doors, hoods, and fenders by stamping the steel. Additionally, the steel can be subjected to stamping and welding procedures to fabricate chassis and engine components, or it can undergo welding and bending to form exhaust system pipes.

Packaging Industry:

While steel coils are commonly unrolled, cut, stamped, and welded to manufacture metal cans in the packaging industry, it’s essential to note that they serve various other purposes.

Foil packaging, for instance, emerges from steel coils by passing sheets through a sequence of rollers to reduce thickness and increase length. An aluminum layer is subsequently applied to protect environmental factors.

Steel coils are also instrumental in creating steel drums for storing and transporting liquids and powders. These drums are formed similarly to metal cans and are coated with paint or other protective materials to prevent corrosion.

Furthermore, steel coils find application in producing steel straps that secure packages and pallets during transportation. Achieving the desired shape and flexibility involves a combination of stamping and heat-treating processes.

Steel coils are known for their robustness, longevity, resistance to corrosion, and adaptability to diverse shapes and sizes demanded by different sectors. Irrespective of your industry, consider Bharat Steel, the premier steel supplier in Chennai, if you’re seeking high-grade steel products such as MS chequered plate, pipes, tubes, channels, and many more. Our extensive experience and expertise span numerous industries, making us the ideal choice for your steel product needs.

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