Sharmans Helps Contractors with Best Solution for Leaking Industrial and Commercial Gutters

INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL gutters are harsh and challenging environments. When a gutter leaks, there are many solutions available to contractors to refurbish or repair it, including short-term liquid systems. However, some refurbishment systems are simply not suitable for industrial gutters, as they are either difficult to install or will quickly fail, causing the gutter to leak once again.

Sharmans, a UK manufacturer of market-leading high-performance refurbishment solutions, makes Plygene® Gutterline. A system specifically engineered for the gutter to prevent leaks, whilst optimising drainage performance.

As a seamless “gutter within a gutter” system, Plygene® Gutterline restores and preserves gutter performance. This makes it the gutter lining system of choice for leak prevention, providing complete peace of mind for contractors, and their end clients.

The UK’s most specified and installed system.
Provides at least 20% more gutter capacity than a fold-out system.
It’s easier to install and more effective than anything else on the market.
Three times more sustainable than a typical fold out system.
25-year BBA certified guarantee, proven by use.

Plygene Guarantee

Plygene’s 25-year guarantee to prevent leaks is proven by actual use. When Sharmans say it’s going to last 25 years, they know that it’s true. There is nothing comparable.

Sharmans provides contractors with a guarantee of unrivalled support:

Helping permanently prevent leaks in industrial and commercial gutters.
Providing comprehensive free training at their purpose-built UK training centre.
A team of experts on hand providing technical and on-site support.
Access to live tender opportunities.
Peace of mind, from a long-established, financially stable business with a proven track record.

In order to benefit from the guarantee, contractors must complete training carried out by Sharmans, to attain Expert Contractor status, which ensures that they understand how to correctly install Plygene and permanently prevent leaks.

Visit the Sharmans website or contact Sharmans to book training courses.


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