Regional house builders chosen for garden village first phase

Three regional house builders have been chosen to build the first phase of a 6,000 home ‘Garden Village for the 21st century’ in Hampshire.

Lead developer the Buckland Group has appointed Thakeham, CG Fry & Son and Pye Homes for the first phase containing 600 properties.

Construction work will start early next year on the Welborne development near Fareham.

Rob Boughton, Thakeham CEO said: “Everything we do is focused on the communities we create and the wellbeing of those within them. Welborne is an opportunity to build a generation-spanning, sustainable community, a great place to live.

“Thakeham is likewise committed to the highest calibre workmanship whilst creating jobs and training opportunities in the house building industry for local people.  Importantly, all the homes that we build at Welborne will also be zero carbon.” 

John Beresford, Managing Director of Buckland Development Ltd, said: “At Welborne we have formed partnerships in a new kind of business model where Buckland shares in the risk and reward with our build partners.

“Our three partners won’t pay for the land until the homes are sold, which means that smaller, quality-driven builders are able to build schemes that would have normally been reserved for large-volume builders.” 

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