Concrete Tile Manufacturer Launches Electronic Delivery First

Concrete Roof Tile manufacturer Russell Roof Tiles (RRT) has invested in its first electronic proof of delivery to provide a streamlined delivery service and improved customer experience.

The nationwide manufacturer of concrete roof tiles and UPVC accessories, says their new electronic proof of delivery (EPOD) system provides RRT with an electronic signed proof of delivery, the ability to record the location of unloaded products and capture photographic evidence. With this, RRT intends to provide a more reliable and efficient delivery process, speeding up the time that information can be acquired for both RRT and its customers.

Electronic Delivery First

Paul McLoughlin, Commercial Services Director at Russell Roof Tiles, said: “The new addition to our customer service package is just one of the exciting developments using the latest digital technology, and has been developed over 12 months – working closely with customers. The new EPOD system will provide speedy and accurate delivery information to our customers which is just one of our continued improvements to our quality customer support and service.

“Consumers have come to expect this level of technology in their everyday lives from grocery deliveries to any ecommerce transaction so it’s essential our sector steps up and takes our service to the next level.”

Paul McLoughlin

Russell Roof Tiles’ investment in sustainability started more than 10 years ago, and has recently announced its mission to become Net Zero by 2040. Since outlining its Net Zero roadmap in 2022, RRT has made upgrades to its two sites in Burton and the site in Lochmaben (Scotland), resulting in a reduction in carbon emissions of 5.9 per cent.

Russell Roof Tiles also recently announced its use of intouch Monitoring – a production monitoring system that will help the team focus on key downtime hotspots, assess potential efficiency gains, and help strategic purchasing decisions. The new system is being used at RRT’s dedicated plastics site in Burton, allowing them to acquire real-time data on its injection moulding machines, which produce the company’s UPVC accessories.

The firm recently announced an £18.5m investment in a state-of-the-art plant at its Burton headquarters which will double output. This is the largest single investment since the firm was acquired in 2011.

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