Quest boosts fleet after ‘try-before-you-buy’ offer

Quest Waste Management has boosted its fleet of dirty water recycling tankers after a ‘try-before-you-buy’ offer from the manufacturer.

The West Yorkshire based specialist had spent some time looking around for a suitable machine when one supplier was so confident in its kit it offered the firm a trial period.

The 32-ton Cappellotto recycler, sold in the UK by Williams Tanker Services of Morley was so impressive that Quest bought it outright – and has now ordered an additional unit.

Quest Waste Management CEO Ivan Smyth said: “The best thing about it is the design of the recycling system; there’s nothing else like it on the market and it’s the best way of recycling for us.

“It’s not just limited to foul sewers, road silt and surface water drains, but because it separates and cleans the water it saves time, replacement filters, repair bills and we are left with water that is not too coarse – well below the micron levels of other machines we’ve seen.  Even our jetting hoses last longer as a result.

“When we’re doing highways work, because of the way the boom is set up, on motorways there is no difference for us to do north or south side work; we can easily swap over carriageways without causing any disruption to other workers.  You just back it up and off you go.

“It doesn’t just look the part; it performs brilliantly too and our customers love it.

“Really excellent thought has gone into designing a UK tanker for UK weather conditions which I was able to see when I visited their Italian factory; I even noticed they put different core wires into the UK versions, for example, for our unique conditions.  It ultimately makes our operators’ lives much easier thanks to all the thought that went into it. The payload’s good too. We love it.”

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