How Much Does a 50×80 Metal Building Cost?

Metal buildings are among the most versatile and long-lasting structures on the market. Metal buildings have become more popular as people have begun to recognize their many benefits.

Metal buildings provide a lot of usable space for industrial, commercial, agricultural, and personal uses. Constructing a high-quality metal building costs less and takes less time than other types of buildings.

A 50×80 square foot metal building provides 4,000 square feet of usable interior space. The clearspan design of a steel building allows you to get the most out of your investment.

The size and functionality of 50 80 metal buildings can meet a wide range of needs. You may use 50×80 steel buildings for sports practice, office space, storage space, livestock, and much more.

This article will explore the cost of a 50×80 metal building. We will also detail some of the factors that may affect total 50×80 metal building prices.

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What is the Cost of a 50×80 Metal Building?

Investing in a steel building has many benefits. Choosing a steel building means you’ll have the highest-quality and longest-lasting structure available. You will also save money on energy costs and maintenance over the building’s lifetime.

But what is the cost of a 50×80 metal building? There are many factors that can impact the total cost of constructing a metal building. The price of steel is one of the most significant factors affecting total 50×80 metal building prices.

The price of steel changes over time. At this time, basic metal buildings cost between $25 and $30 per square foot. Using these current estimates, the cost of a 50×80 metal building would be between $100,000 and $120,000.

Constructing a metal building typically costs much less than other types of construction. There are several reasons steel buildings are so cost-effective. The reasons include:

Metal building construction requires less equipment.
A metal building kit arrives pre-cut and pre-drilled. This saves time during construction.
Smaller construction crews can build a metal building.
The necessary building materials cost less.

Constructing a metal building is typically much simpler and quicker than other types of construction. Construction waste is minimal because a metal building kit arrives at the job site pre-cut and pre-drilled. Smaller crews and lower equipment costs can also mean significant savings during construction.

A metal building is your best bet if you are looking for a high-quality, cost-effective option. Contact the team at Titan Steel Structures to learn more about current metal building prices.

What Can Affect the Cost of a 50×80 Metal Building?

Using the current steel prices can help you estimate the cost of a 50×80 metal building. However, many factors will affect the total cost of your project.

Here are some of the things that will impact 50×80 metal building prices.


A 50×80 steel building can provide ample space for a variety of personal, industrial, and agricultural projects. A metal building offers greater protection, value, and versatility that other types of construction can’t match.

The details of your building will make it usable and comfortable for years to come. These details will also affect the overall cost of your structure.

Some of the details you may add include:

Framed openings for doors and windows
A garage door
Ventilation systems
Interior finishing
Exterior siding or paint

These and other finishing details can affect the total cost of your steel building.

Location of the building

When it comes to construction, location matters. All construction projects require careful planning. A steel building must be able to withstand local weather conditions. If the area gets heavy snow, strong wind, or has the possibility of flooding, you’ll need to engineer your steel building to withstand these conditions.

Learn About the Benefits of Steel Buildings

Metal buildings are a reliable, cost-effective answer to many modern needs. Whether you need a pickleball court, personal gym, vehicle storage, or workspace, a metal building is the best choice. There are many building packages available, making it easy to select and construct the ideal steel building to meet your needs.

Steel framing offers unmatched strength and durability in all climates. It is durable enough to hold a heavy snow load and won’t buckle in strong winds. Steel also naturally resists many common problems, such as termites, mold, and water damage.

Metal buildings require less costly maintenance and upkeep. They provide reliable, comfortable space for various projects and can be constructed in less time.

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of a metal building, reach out to the team at Titan Steel Structures now. Our metal building specialists can answer your questions or provide a customized quote for your project.

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