New Company to Own CSCS Card Scheme

CONSTRUCTION SKILLS CERTIFICATION SCHEME LIMITED (CSCS Ltd) has formed a new company to own and operate the card scheme.

The new company, called CSCS Cards Ltd, now owns the CSCS logo and will manage the CSCS scheme.

CSCS Cards is a private company limited by shares, wholly owned by CSCS Ltd. It has a board of four directors, each appointed by CSCS Ltd, who are from the card scheme’s key stakeholders.

Whereas CSCS Ltd is a non-profit making company, the new subsidiary is a standard company that can make a profit.

The move aims to improve operational efficiency, governance, and transparency, CSCS says.

The CSCS group owns and manages the CSCS logo, and the logo licencing process. It ensures all 38 card schemes displaying the CSCS logo comply with the Construction Leadership Council’s (CLC) recommendation on Industry Card Schemes. Its aim is to ensure construction workers have the appropriate training and qualifications for their roles on construction sites.

New Company to Own CSCS

As the new owner and operator of the CSCS Card Scheme, CSCS Cards Ltd will pay a licence fee to CSCS Ltd for the right to use the CSCS logo and certain other intellectual property.

The new entity has the authority to issue cards for core construction occupations whilst ensuring continuity and standards in the card application service.

As the holder of a licence to use the CSCS logo, CSCS Cards will be joining the 37 other holders of a licence from within the CSCS Alliance.

While owning the CSCS logo, CSCS Ltd retains its licencing responsibility to ensure that all schemes, including CSCS Cards Ltd, comply with the CLC’s recommendations and any other conditions of licence.

The integrity and credibility of the licencing process will continue to be upheld through the bi-annual auditing process, CSCS says.

CSCS Ltd also retains responsibility for all new licencing applications and retains the intellectual property rights to all CSCS’s software solutions. These include the application service CSCS Online, the My CSCS App, and CSCS SmartCheck.

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