KOROYD Unveils Heat Stress Data in Industrial Safety Helmets

NEW DATA from KOROYD®, a global leader in advanced impact protection technology, shows KOROYD integrated safety helmets reduce heat stress by up to 8°F / 4.5°C compared to traditional EPS internal helmet constructions.

As part of a continued mission to advance the standard of protective solutions, KOROYD has completed a rigorous test protocol to evaluate the thermal comfort of industrial helmets with significant results.

The aim of this study was to compare the microclimate buildup of different industrial helmets. KOROYD’s study results identify which type of helmet construction is less likely to contribute to heat stress, and drives recommendations for helmet design prioritizing heat stress reduction.

The findings indicate that KOROYD integrated helmets and their associated reduction of up to 8°F/4.5°C on the heat index, complements the human body’s natural thermoregulation, helping to keep the deep body temperature at safe levels.

“The ‘heat index’ is a measure for the perceived temperature of a microclimate, and more accurately represents when air temperature and relative humidity combine to exponentially increase the perceived temperature–and related dangerous heat levels,” says Chris Ellerby, Director of Industrial Safety.

“It is vital, particularly in a warming world, to protect workers from the impacts of heat stress by improving the breathability and air circulation of their head protection.”

As demonstrated by the test results, using KOROYD construction in a helmet better supports the body’s ability to thermoregulate, unlike traditional insulating EPS foams used in many high-performance safety helmets.

Reduced Heat Stress

Heat and humidity rise and evaporate through KOROYD’s unique tubular structure, which is 95% air, improving the feeling of comfort during long periods of usage and reducing the risk of heat-related injuries and fatalities. In hot and humid environments, KOROYD can improve the release of heat by allowing air circulation and sweat evaporation. Crucially, this can also help prevent the temptation of short-term removal of PPE, another open door to injuries and fatalities.

“As heat stress becomes an increasingly salient topic within industrial safety, we know that head protection must advance to not only protect the wearer from impacts but also reduce heat stress,” says John Lloyd, KOROYD Founder and Managing Director.

“We are proud to offer an advanced solution that answers that demand and to provide measurable results, all in an effort to increase workplace safety.”

Test methodology and additional data is available here. The industrial safety segment is a key area of growth and focus for KOROYD, and the company says it is proud to partner with respected brands including Studson, Caco America LLC (a GE brand licensee for personal protective equipment), Protos Integral, and Zero Height Safety.

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