How Easy is it to Expand a Metal Building?

Is it Easy to Expand a Metal Building?

Metal buildings provide an ideal balance between functionality and affordability. You’ll save money and time on maintenance and avoid many of the problems associated with wood, concrete, and other traditional types of construction.

But when it comes to expanding an existing metal building, just how easy is the process? The short answer: very easy. Just about any metal building can be expanded, allowing you to maximize the space and usability of your structure.

As you start your business, industrial, or personal project, you can build a smaller structure that fits into your existing budget.  As your business grows, if you need more storage or workspace, or you’re just looking to have more accessible interior room, you can easily add onto your structure to meet your changing needs.

Whether your business is growing or you need to use the building for an entirely different purpose, there are several straightforward, affordable ways to add to your metal building.

Expanding a Metal Building: What to Know Before You Start

While it’s easy and inexpensive to expand a metal building, there are some things you must consider before beginning construction. Thinking about these critical aspects will ensure that you get the most out of your investment and can continue using your metal building for decades.


It might go without saying, but one of the first things you’ll need to do before expanding your existing metal building is to make sure you have enough land to do so. If your plot isn’t large enough for your expanded building, you’ll need to acquire the land or consider other options that don’t require outward expansion.

Local restrictions

You’ll need to acquire all necessary permits before beginning construction on your metal building addition. Your construction plans must follow all local zoning guidelines and laws and any other restrictions put in place by an HOA, local government, or planning committee.

In some cases, you may find that there are restrictions regarding additions or expansions. Identifying these rules before you get too deep into the planning process–or begin building is crucial.


Like all real estate, the location of your metal building is critical. Before you expand an existing building for your business or industrial use, take time to evaluate the pros and cons of its current location. Is the current location meeting your needs? Is it noisy? Is it accessible to potential clients and close to other prime amenities?

Assess whether expanding your metal building in its current location makes sense before proceeding with planning and construction. This will ensure that you will continue to use your metal building for a long time, allowing you to maximize your investment of time and resources.

An Overview of How to Expand Your Metal Building

Once you’ve decided to expand your metal building, you’ll need to consider how to make it best fit your needs in the future. There are three basic ways to develop a metal structure. Here is a simple rundown of your expansion options.

Add height

If expanding upward is your plan, you must ensure your building has the correct framing. In some cases, buildings are fitted with particular framing systems that support upward expansion. If your building doesn’t have this in place, installation of new spanning and framing will be required. Or, you may have the option to build a new frame outside the original walls, which requires sufficient foundation width.

Add width

Adding width to your metal building gives you more usable, uninterrupted interior space and can significantly improve the overall functionality of your structure. With more interior space, you’ll have room for offices, bays, manufacturing lines, or anything else you require.

Adding a lean-to is the simplest and most cost-effective way to expand a metal building outward. A lean-to extends the building’s roofline, allowing new framing to be added to the original frame. With this method, you can retain your original walls and add doors, or you can open up the space by eliminating the original walls–which can then be used in other aspects of construction.

Add length

Similar to adding width, expanding lengthwise is just as simple and cost-effective. However, the process of adding length is different in some key areas. Unlike adding a lean-to, you cannot attach a lengthwise addition to the original framing if your building has post and beam construction. Instead, you must construct a new end wall next to the original one. If your existing metal building does not use post and beam construction, you will be able to build onto your original frame.

As long as you have the space and an adequate foundation, there are virtually no limits to how much additional space you can add to your metal building.

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