5 Most Popular American Steel Structures

Most people have never been on a cross-country road trip, and as such you might not be aware of all the wonders to be seen in America. One of America’s most prominent accomplishments in building construction are the steel structures that architects and engineers have wrought throughout the country.

While there are certainly famous architectural marvels with steel construction elsewhere, America does boast some worthy examples of steel structures and engineering. Here are the 5 most popular American steel structures.

Empire State Building

New York, NY

Built in less than two years in the 1920s, the Empire State building was the tallest steel structure of its kind in America for over 40 years. It was borne of a frenzy of as the world raced to have the tallest building. Competition was fierce, both on a global and a regional scale. The designers of the building even added height in a redesign to capture the title of the tallest building in America.

Constructed of over 57,000 tons of steel, the Empire State Building is 103 stories and 1,250 feet tall, and as such reigned as the tallest building in America until the first tower of the World Trade Center was completed in the 70s.

Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco, MO

Many people do not realize that there were many failures before the success of the Golden Gate Bridge. The first plans for the bridge were released in 1921 and were universally rejected as a flawed and generally unsafe design. The design of the bridge we know today was accepted a decade later, with work beginning on the famous suspension bridge in 1933. The work was completed in 1937.

Willis (Sears) Tower

Chicago, IL

The Sears Tower is 110 stories and has one of the most interesting building designs in the country, albeit the world. The unique architectural design was engineered to withstand the heavy winds of Chicago. It was an interesting way to erect both an architectural masterpiece as well as cope with the primary hazard of tall buildings in the region.

Gateway Arch

St. Louis, MO

The Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri, and marks the beginning of the frontier. The famous arch was erected to mark the “Gateway to the West” as the country raced to expand coast to coast. Although the arch is a mere 630 feet and 900 tons of stainless steel (when compared to the other steel structures on this list), the Gateway Arch is the tallest in the world. But the arch isn’t just for show. You can also pay a ticket price to travel within the arch to its peak, where the views are breathtaking.

Walt Disney Concert Hall

Los Angeles, CA

The Walt Disney Concert Hall is another example of truly unique architectural engineering with steel. Although not a tall building, the Walt Disney Concert Hall is large enough to accommodate 2,265 seats. The auditorium’s construction is entirely stainless steel, and it took over 10,000 tons of structural steel, with an interesting design that really captures the magic for which Disney is famous.

There are many other structural wonders and other attractions throughout America, and if you are able to vacation you should check out these steel buildings and others in the area.

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