Yellow Wind Warning for South Wales and Southern England

THE MET OFFICE has issued a yellow wind warning as Storm Noa brings strong winds, low temperatures and heavy rain to the UK.

The warning highlights the potential for impacts such as travel disruption and the possibility of large waves in coastal areas in south Wales and southern England.

Met Office Chief Meteorologist, Matthew Lehnert, said: “Most places will see showers or longer spells of rain today but the impacts are most likely to come from strong winds. Gusts of 50-60mph are possible quite widely in the southwest, with up to 75mph in exposed coastal areas.”

“Some disruption due to strong winds is expected in southern areas, particularly the south coast of Wales and southwest England. It will be a cool day with temperatures of 7 to 10°C in the west, with 11 to 13°C possible in the southeast, however it will feel colder in the strong winds.”

It will stay unsettled through the rest of the week, with sunshine and heavy showers expected on Thursday and persistent rain in the south on Friday.

Keep track of current weather warnings on the Met Office’s weather warning page here.

Tips for Working in Extreme Weather

Wind can make rooftops more dangerous. For those dealing with large boards or sheets, such as many flat roofing products, extra care should be taken.

Wind speeds above 23mph or gusts of up to 35mph, are enough to prevent the safe handling of slates, tiles, battens and felts on roofs, with the equivalent for rolls of felt being about 17mph, gusting to 26mph or over.

You can use a handheld anemometer to check wind speeds at rooftop height.

Although it might look safe from the ground, roof work should not be carried out during periods of snow or ice. Even if the mercury does rise above freezing or the sun does come out, there could be patches of snow, ice or frost that have not thawed and remain slippy and dangerous.

Employers should also be carrying out risk assessments on site daily, paying attention to safe access and walkways, areas with roof coverings already laid and scaffolding boards and storage areas at height. Local site conditions can differ from those on the weather forecast.

For general guidance on safely performing roof work read HSE advice here.


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