WorldGBC Launches Circular Built Environment Playbook

THE WORLD GREEN BUILDING COUNCIL (WorldGBC) has today launched the Circular Built Environment Playbook.

The Playbook is a critical guide for the building and construction sector around the world to accelerate the adoption of circular economy and resource efficiency principles.

The principles of the circular economy can help us to achieve global climate targets, says the Council. From minimising the extraction of materials and using more efficient designs, to optimising nature-based solutions and closing material loops at the end of a building’s lifecycle.

Circular Built Environment Playbook

The new report presents strategies for the built environment to reduce its resource consumption and features market leadership and solutions from across WorldGBC’s global network.

In the Circular Built Environment Playbook, WorldGBC acknowledges the role of the circular economy in tackling the global environmental crisis, and provides an opportunity to regenerate resources and accelerate socio-economic development.

Through this playbook, WorldGBC says it hopes to make the complex principles of the circular economy easy to understand for every actor in the built environment. In the report, the Council outlines more than 20 strategies of implementing circular design, construction and operation for the built environment, illustrated with best practice case studies from all over the world.

The Council says every actor in the building and construction supply chain must take action and help the transition towards circularity becoming the new business-as-usual.

Cristina Gamboa, World Green Building Council CEO

Cristina Gamboa, WorldGBC CEO, said: “It is clear that if we want to secure a future for our planet and people, then we cannot keep going on this path of consumption and waste. That’s why our network is taking action to increase awareness and accessibility of circular economy solutions, by guiding all stakeholders towards sustainable, circular decision-making. The need for a circular built environment has never been more important and our Circularity Accelerator programme is shining a light on the solutions available.”


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