Why Use Liquids for Your Refurbishment Project?

FLAT ROOF installations have become a popular choice because of the potential to transform them into functional spaces – from balconies and social spaces, to homes for energy installations such as solar panels and even car parks.

Whatever their use, it is important that such surfaces are refurbished using the most appropriate and high-performing materials, especially when it comes to waterproofing. This is key to the ongoing durability, safety and functionality of flat roofs.

Liquid Waterproofing is a Trending Technology

Increasingly, installers are turning to liquid-based waterproofing solutions.

This is a technology area that is advancing particularly strongly at present, especially around PMMAs, which is a big focus for us at Soprema.

This strand of product is already highly advanced and offers a strong, versatile solution. And the underlying technology is improving all the time thanks to the efforts of researchers, including those in Soprema’s R&D department, who continue to work on new variations.

It is no coincidence that the rise in interest in liquid waterproofing comes amid a laser-like focus on health and safety across the industry.

When it comes to roof refurbishment projects, roof fires are the ultimate worst-case scenario for installers. Indeed, fires caused by gas torches, no matter how small they may be, can pose a serious threat to life and property, as well as the reputation of the sector and the methods adopted – especially torch-on solutions.

NFRC’s Safe2Torch campaign is a timely and important initiative. It highlights the importance of taking responsibility for fire risks – for waterproofing installers, this means ‘where any fire risk has been identified, or, just as importantly, where it cannot be ruled out, then the relevant parts of that specification must default to torch-free solutions’.

This is where liquid-based solutions really come to the fore. With product ranges such as Soprema’s ALSAN PMMA waterproofing membrane systems, the risk of fires caused by torch-on methods can be eliminated.

Benefits Beyond Safety

Liquid-based alternatives to torch-on waterproofing products, in addition to ticking all-important safety boxes, do not compromise on performance.

Indeed, such is the confidence that Soprema has in the ALSAN range of PMMA-based solutions, we can guarantee a watertight and durable solution for all types of projects, even those involving multiple penetrations to the substrate.

Moreover, these liquid waterproofing systems are simple and fast to install. They require minimal equipment compared with more traditional solutions and can be applied with a fast curing time, even in colder conditions, allowing progression from primer to finish in a few hours.

This makes PMMA-based waterproofing systems an ideal choice for sites where it is important to reduce disruption for building occupants, be they residents in social housing developments, patients and staff at hospitals, or teachers and learners at schools.

Liquid waterproofing systems can also be customised with various finishes to provide a lasting aesthetic look on completion. Soprema offers a range of textures through its ALSAN portfolio, with all finishes being UV-resistant, and thus protected from fading over time. In terms of colour options, the choice is virtually limitless as we have the ability to match to any RAL colour at no extra cost to the customer.

Choosing the Right Solution

There are many things to consider when selecting a waterproofing system for a roof refurbishment project, not least when it comes to fire safety and complying with regulations.

Liquid solutions help to ensure these boxes are ticked for sites with increased fire risks. As a long-time developer of these solutions, Soprema is well positioned to support and advise installers as they make these important decisions.

To discover more about the numerous options available, and to help make sure the right waterproofing system is chosen, contact Soprema’s team of experts today.

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