Why Does Construction Need Steel?

Steel is one of the most familiar materials which is used for construction. This is used to make cost effective buildings. Steel is an adaptable, magnificent and a long running material with a huge strength. Also steel can be used as an alternate material on buildings to make it sustainable. Steel is not only used for constructions like residentials and commercial properties but also used for our day today amenities like vehicles, furniture etc. Visit Bharat steel suppliers in Chennai to get sufficient steels for your buildings. So here are some reasons to indicate why steel is used in constructions.

Steel in construction

Steel gives complete rights to designers. Steel has the feature of tolerance, mouldable and resistance so it allows the constructors to develop the building innovatively. Also steel has the ability to be flexible over a certain radius and also it curves to some extension which gives a benefit of perfect finishings. 

Steel can be put together quickly and efficiently so it minimises the time of construction upto 40% in moulding the steel into the expected shape. Steel can handle extreme loads and pressure like earthquakes. Due to its flexibility it will not break or crack, it can handle the loads and it supports the building. Steel can radiate the heat easily so in summer times it gives a cool environment and also it holds the heat inside the walls. Steels can be recycled and reused. It is not the item which gets wasted, it can be melted and circulated to other constructions. Steel is the fire protection material so it will not get damaged in the fire. 

Steel can create a large space by minimising the columns so the building looks elegant as well as its cost-effective. Reach out to Bharat steel suppliers for a good quality and affordable steels.

Types of steel used in construction

Steel made up of iron and carbon. There are 3500 grades in steel, each has its own physical environment that is combined of carbon and alloys inside. Each steel has a different carbon level from 0 to 1.5. So based on this there are 4 categories of steel they are: 

Stainless steel

This type of steel is used for making household amenities, equipments. This is extremely strong and has a higher duration. This steel can be customised according to your needs. Based on the structure this steel is divided into three groups which is austenitic, ferritic, and martensitic.

Carbon steel

This type of steel looks dull and a matte black colour. In this steel, along with carbon there are elements like copper ,silicon, and manganese included. This steel is divided into three categories which is High, low and medium carbon steel. This varies according to the level of elements.

Alloy steel

This type of steel is used in mechanical based items like vehicle parts, pipes etc. This is made up of several elements which have different proportions in components.

Tool steel

This type of steel is used to make drilling and cutting tools. This is made up of molybdenum and vanadium. This steel is a heat resistant one. This is mostly used for hardening, stamping, and shearing.

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