What is the Significance of LGSF?

Used increasing across the USA, Australia and New Zealand, light gauge steel framing structures are also being heavily introduced in developing countries such as India. With the advancements in technology, the construction is growing and improving progressively. The benefits that come along with the changing technology has encouraged the light gauge steel framing manufacturers in India to pursue and push the construction method increasingly amongst commercial, industrial, offices and medical construction. Why so?

What is the significance of light gauge steel frame construction?

Lower Construction Costs: The cost to set up a light gauge steel frame structure is quite low if we look at the expenditure on various factors involved such as:a) Duration of construction- Wall and roof frames are pre-assembled in the factory to minimise erection time on the site.

b) Labour cost- Due to the reduction in time, the labour cost also reduces.

c) Maintenance- As the LGSF structures are made to last longer, the construction cost over the years reduces to minimal, and you receive only high-quality experience.

Enhanced Construction Time: Building up process is very quick and independent from weather conditions in steel construction, as concrete is not needed except for the foundation and subbasement. This allows a decrease in the need for capital and in the construction costs. Assembling of a 200 m2 house can be completed in only 7 days.Better Safety Performance: As the traditional construction is done with brick and mortar, the weight of the building increases, whereas Steel buildings are 5 times lighter than reinforced concrete buildings. Steel absorbs most of the earthquake energy and saves you and your belongings. And, the most important precaution against an earthquake is to reduce the load of the building. Thus, better safety performance.Lightening-proof: Unlike other load-bearing systems, steel construction isn’t dangerous in terms of lightning as the protection system goes into the land decreasing the risks of explosion, small-sized fires and injuries.Stands against time: The complete construction is done with galvanized construction steel which doesn’t corrode. Also, LGSF structures are engineered to withstand any climate, and the steel structure is guaranteed for 100 years. Thus, light gauge steel frames are made to last longer!Preserves our environment: Almost 70% of the building material can be reused, which means the LGSF construction method is environmentally friendly, and it preserves our environment.Steel house construction can be used in different types of projects: With light gauge steel framing, several architectural designs can be brought to life due to enhanced flexibility and accessibility. Any project that the partner is interested in can be erected with the right planning and execution and light gauge structures.

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