What is a Metal Shouse? A Complete Guide to Shouses

As the cost of living rises across the United States, people are beginning to look for modern housing solutions. For many, buying a traditional home is not financially feasible, and building one themselves costs more time and money than most people have.

Thankfully, there are other options out there. Metal shouses are a smart and financially-friendly solution for a common problem that many Americans are facing.

Metal shouses are also referred to as “shop houses.” These are structures made out of prefabricated metal that have living space and a space for a home workshop intertwined.

If you have your own small business, you are probably paying rent for your workshop and your home. This can get extremely expensive. When you have a shouse, you do not have to worry about renting out a space for your business. You also completely rid yourself of commute times.

What is the Difference Between a Metal Shouse and a Barndominium?

Metal shouses are homes constructed with robust metal frames. They are connected to a workspace that you can use as a home office, a place to meet clients, or a garage for your auto repair business. These buildings are a great housing solution for people who work as welders, autobody technicians, artists, hobbyists, and even private therapists or counselors.

If you are familiar with barndominium homes, you might be wondering how a metal shouse is different. The main difference is that these metal building homes include a space to conduct work in.

Other differences between barndominiums and shouses include:


Barndominium building designs are created to mimic the look of a barn home. It is common to see large barn doors and even a red and white exterior. On the other hand, a shouse is a prefabricated built home that is meant to look similar to a traditional house with a work shed.

Building Material

While metal barndominiums exist, most of these building styles include a lot of wood construction. Traditionally, barndominiums are wood-frame homes.

On the other hand, shouses are metal building houses. This also means the construction process is much simpler when compared to a barndominium. Also, you will have an open floor plan, as metal buildings do not require large interior support beams.


Barndominiums emphasize creating a building that looks like a home. While a room can be added to a barndo to create a workshop, this is not traditionally included. When you choose a shouse, you can trust that it will be built with your workshop or business in mind.

The whole point of metal shouses is to create a living space that also functions as a home office. Whether you work online or have clients coming to your home for a service, these homes are the perfect solution.

Project Cost

Barndominiums tend to include more wood than shouses. Since they are prefabricated metal buildings, they are more cost-effective than barndominiums. Typically, your general contractor will be able to finish a shouse way faster than a barndominium, saving you money on the overall project cost.

What are the Benefits of Choosing a Metal Shouse?

The main benefit of choosing a metal shouse is the added workshop in your living space. First, this removes the need to commute to work every day, saving you time and money on gas or a vehicle. Additionally, your workshop will be completely custom, allowing you to create the high-quality workspace of your dreams.

Other benefits of these modern living and workspaces include:

Energy efficiency, as metal is easy to insulate
No commute to work
Lower construction cost, as they are prefabricated
Endless design, exterior or interior finish, and dimension options
Tons of storage space
Durability to withstand severe weather
Ability to hold heavy snow loads during the winter
Less risk of pest infestations than in wooden buildings
Open-floor plans because you do not need large interior support beams

Creating any type of building can be a tricky process. Thankfully, the expert engineers at Titan Steel Structures can help you with all of the difficulties associated with creating a new building. For example, obtaining a building permit will be much easier when you work with our company.

How Much Does a Metal Shouse Cost?

The cost of a shouse can depend on tons of factors, including the dimension you choose. Once you know what dimension you are looking for, you can begin to estimate the base cost of your project. Since you are opting for metal, you are looking at between $25 to $35 per square foot.

Once you know the base cost of your metal shouse, it’s time to start considering the customizations you might want.

Exterior Choices

Some of the exterior choices you make can affect the overall cost. For example, if you want extra doors and windows, you will be looking at a price increase.

Exterior choices that can affect the cost of your shouse include:

Siding choices
The type of foundation used
Oversized or custom garage doors
Type and amount of windows
Specialized finishes like fire-resistant coating

Interior Options

Metal shouses are intended to be lived in, so you might have interior customizations in mind. While this can increase the overall cost, sometimes a bit of customization is worth it in the end.

Interior choices that can affect the cost of your building include:

Ventilation and HVAC systems
Specialized insulation
Countertops and shelving
Extra storage spaces
Appliances and flooring
Electricity and plumbing
And more!

Get Connected to a Metal Shouse Building Kit Provider

If you are looking to create a metal shouse, you’ve come to the right place. At Titan Steel Structures, our mission is to help clients create a space they are proud of while staying within their budget.

Contact us today to get started on planning and customizing your new building.

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