Understanding the basic 12 types of Carbon Steel Round Bars

Carbon Steel Round Bars are a type of general-purpose steel bar with excellent formability and weldability that is used in a wide range of applications, including auto manufacturing, shipbuilding, aerospace, petrochemical plants, auto-power, and wind-engine, metallurgical machinery, precision tools, and so on. A leading Carbon steel round bars manufacturer in India, we deliver high-performing products with accuracy and high-end finishing. More than 310 happy clients in 50+ years, Bullion Pipe and Tubes LLP is one of the dominant Carbon steel round bars stockists in India. Below are the types and their applications of Carbon Steel Bars Bullion Pipe and Tubes LLP is a manufacturer and supplier.

Carbon Steel Bars- Pump Shafts, Machined Components, Valves, Dairy Equipment, Machine Tools, Pins, Hinges, Surgical Parts, Metal Parts, and more applications use carbon steel round bars.

Carbon Steel Rods- Tool steel is noted for its high levels of hardening and property alloying components, while carbon steel rods are an alloy of carbon and iron. The alloy has excellent wear resistance. Low Carbon Steel Rod is ideal for applications requiring excellent strength at a low cost.

Carbon Steel Forged Round Bars- Carbon Steel Forged Bars are widely utilized in situations where the presence of titanium and its stabilizing function as a carbide forming element allows it to be welded and/or used within the carbide precipitation range of 430°C to 870°C without intergranular corrosion.

Carbon Steel Square Bars- Carbon steel square bar is extensively used in high-temperature sections of gas turbine engines that require high strength, high temperature creeps resistance, fatigue life, phase stability, and oxidation and corrosion resistance.

Carbon Steel Hollow Bar- Seamless carbon steel hollow bar is often supplied as-rolled and is suitable for a variety of thermal treatments, including normalizing, surface hardening, hardening, and tempering.

Carbon Steel Black Bars- Carbon steel black bar is extensively used in high-temperature sections of gas turbine engines that rely on high strength, high temperature creeps resistance, fatigue life, phase stability, and oxidation and corrosion resistance.

Carbon Steel Threaded Bars- Agricultural, construction, and electrical industries all use carbon steel threaded bars. Threaded struts in construction, tie rods, hooks, and U bolts are all examples of applications.

Carbon Steel Hexagon Bars- Hexagon Bar is fashioned perfectly for things or equipment that require precision parts. Conveyor tables are one of the most typical applications. Hexagonal Bars are commonly used in braces, ornamental, and interior works because they are easy to drill and form.

Carbon Steel Cold Drawn Bars- Screw machines, CNC lathes, CNC mills, rotary transfer machining, hydraulic fittings, gears, bushings, fasteners, cylinders, and pipe fittings are all examples of Cold Drawn bar uses.

Carbon Steel Bright Bars- Due to its superior mechanical and dimensional features, bright steel bars are widely employed in the manufacture of mechanical parts. These bars can be fabricated into any other customized shape, according to the demand of clients. They are processed in diverse materials like alloy steel, MS & carbon steel or tool and die steel. Furthermore, the Textile industry uses the bars for manufacturing machines required to make textiles, electric pumps and electric motors require bright steel bars.

Carbon Steel Spring Steel Bars- High carbon spring steel bar is applied in automotive and industrial suspension applications. It’s also often used to make lawnmower parts, small plane landing gear, and automobile coil springs. We are a Carbon Steel Bar Manufacturer that uses technology and products trending in the market for optimal outcomes.

Carbon Steel Hex Bars- Carbon Steel Hex Bar is widely utilized in the metallurgical, mechanical, and electrical building fields, as well as ships, military applications, and automotive rear ends.

Beyond standard abrasion-resistant steels, CS Round Bars combine the benefits of low sulphur, and low carbon equivalent chemistry to improve both welding and cold forming qualities.

Bullion Pipe and Tubes LLP strives to deliver durable and promising Carbon Steel Round Bar at the lowest price for our customers. We accept Carbon steel round bars bulk orders in India, so get in touch with us without any hesitation.

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