Trio of new products from Altrad RMD Kwikform

Temporary works specialist Altrad RMD Kwikform (Altrad RMDK) has launched three new products to expand its equipment range and provide a wider choice of solutions for contractors.

The newly introduced products include the XL Airodek Panel, Multiframe, and the 1950 x 1800mm Ultraguard Barrier & 1.9m Post.

Airodek is Altrad RMDK’s low-weight, high productivity, simple slab formwork system, suitable for slabs up to 700mm thick. Its quick, safe, and simple assembly process currently enables one operative to erect up to 40m2 in an hour, significantly reducing construction time and labour requirements.

The XL Airodek Panel is a new addition to the popular range, increasing the flexibility of the system. It measures 1.8m x 1.8m, allowing it to be used for floor-soffit heights of up to 3.5m. While requiring two handlers, this new panel allows for the quick assembly of larger areas, providing a 50% reduction in components and more clear space beneath the soffit.

With the XL Airodek Panel, construction professionals can streamline their operations, in turn significantly reducing construction time and labour requirements.

Altrad RMDK is also introducing Multiframe, a single sided-formwork support frame system. This system can be seamlessly combined with traditional or panel system formwork, offering a versatile solution.

Its compact design and easily attachable formwork panels allow for project efficiency, negating the need for unnecessary adjustments.

Altrad RMDK has also expanded the Ultraguard range with the introduction of the 1950 x 1800mm Ultraguard Barrier & 1.9m Post. Ultraguard is a lightweight, galvanised edge protection system, and this new product now offers a higher barrier solution at 1800mm compared to the existing 1100mm barrier.

Mark Pickard, UK Managing Director at Altrad RMD Kwikform, ssaid: “These new additions to our product range demonstrate our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. We aim to offer the temporary works market enhanced solutions that continue to prioritise safety, efficiency, and adaptability.

“With the XL Airodek Panel, Multiframe and the Ultraguard Barrier & Post, we are addressing real-world challenges faced by the industry, providing practical solutions that drive progress.”

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