Trends and Future Advancements in Fastener Technology

Fasteners are essential components for connecting two piping elements. If one were to compare the different types of fasteners we find today with those used years ago, one would rightly find some remarkable advancements in the passing of years. In other words, fasteners trends today are much more updated with some of the latest technical developments. 

This, of course, comes with several advantages, both for the user and the fastener manufacturer. And this article is an attempt to tell the reader more about fasteners trends. 

But before that, here’s a brief explanation of a fastener.

Fastener definition

These are nothing but hardware devices used to connect two or more objects and join them strongly together. It can be a temporary or permanent connection. Over the years, these have gone through changing trends leading to today’s advanced fastener.

Changing Trends in Fastener Technology 

The following are some of the most important trends one finds in the world of fasteners today: 

Use of modern alloys in fastener manufacturing

Today, we have fasteners that are much superior by way of performance, thanks to the properties owing to their alloys utilized during manufacture. Many fasteners today are known to be superconducting and ultra-lighting, all while remaining strong and showing a good performance.

New types and styles for all fastener types

Fasteners today are also available in different types and styles, with more compact designs, thus taking up less space. Today one can even find different types of fasteners like miniature fasteners famous in multiple industries, from electronics to aerospace, due to their ultra-thin frame. 

Small screws

Today’s fastener manufacturing allows for quick and easy insertion by way of small screws. It helps fastener manufacturers to overcome the cost, time, and other challenges involved in the process of manual installation. 

Fasteners for stamping

Today, fastener installation takes place during processes like stamping. The installation system works with the stamping press, thus eliminating the secondary operations of inserting the fasteners. 

What Not To Do When Using Fasteners

With the above fasteners trends handy, selecting a fastener also becomes easy. However, after you choose a fastener, it is also essential to follow certain precautions. Fasteners are useful only as long as one knows how to use them the right way. That said, here are some common mistakes that you need to watch out for:

Choosing the wrong fastener type

While fasteners are available in different types and styles today, it is important to use the right kind that goes with the application you have in mind. Selecting the right material and its grade per your application ensures a long-lasting fastener. Fasteners are available in different types with reputed fastener suppliers like Bullion Pipe and Tubes LLP as stainless steel, alloy steel, steel, plastic, brass, or aluminum. 

Not checking the surface finish

Now, this is an important thing that you cannot fail to have a look at when choosing the fastener. While the material is important, so is the finish. A good surface finish on the fastener ensures high corrosion resistance. Fasteners like downpipes, hinges, threaded fastener, and other fittings can turn rough and develop cavities and holes that can trap particles and cause staining or rusting in time. 

Irregular cleaning 

Fasteners may seem like small and insignificant objects in large applications, but these elements require maintenance involving regular cleaning. 

This is because fasteners tend to become contaminated over time, and can lead to an excessive build-up of dirt that makes cleaning an increasing challenge if not done in regular periods. It can also lead to exposing the fasteners to rainwater leading to the depletion of protective layers.

Opting for stainless steel fasteners with low nickel content

Fasteners made of low nickel stainless steel may not be an ideal choice as these are low in chromium content. It makes them prone to rusting as they have less corrosion resistance. 

Final thoughts

These are a few things one must remember when using fasteners today. If you are looking for high-quality fasteners, contact Bullion Pipe and Tubes LLP. The company is a leading fastener manufacturer offering quality products at affordable prices. The company also provides forged fittings, buttweld fittings, flanges, pipes and tubes, and pipe fittings.

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