Staff at surface repair specialist Merlin looking for new jobs

Staff at hard surface repair specialist Merlin are looking for new jobs.

A number of the firm’s 100 workers took to LinkedIn over the weekend after being suddenly let go by the Manchester based contractor.

Merlin Repair Specialists has a nationwide team of technicians who specialise in the repair and resurfacing of damaged manufactured interior and exterior surfaces for some of the country’s largest construction companies.

The firm’s website states: “Our customers include some of the largest construction companies in the UK but also include smaller sub-contractors specialising in building fit-out and refurbishment.

“Whatever the size of the development we can offer the service and solutions needed to ensure smooth hand-over to your clients.

“From small scale projects to major schemes we have the solution to repair all in situ cladding, curtain walling and window frame damage on site reducing the cost of replacement significantly.

“We can repair almost any manufactured hard surface including woods, plastics, metals and ceramics and specialise in new builds, dilapidations, refurbishment, restoration and renovation projects.”

One former worker said: “It’s unfortunate what has happened to us all and now we are all in the same boat looking for a new role after Merlin Repair Specialists Ltd went under without any notice.”

A Merlin manager added: “I’m sorry to have to report that Merlin Repair Specialists has gone into administration.”

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