Sika’s Paul Mahon Gets Industry Recognition for Training Excellence

PAUL MAHON Training Manager at Sika was the winner of a Special Recognition Award of Excellence to Training at the LRWA Awards 2024.

Global building product manufacturer Sika attended the Liquid Roofing and Waterproofing Association (LRWA) Awards on the 20 March in Liverpool. Sika has an extensive training programme for a huge range of products and systems, including Liquid Applied Membranes for flat roofs.

Paul has been an integral part of the team since joining Sika in 2008, working his way up to Training Manager last year. Over that time Paul has trained over 7,400 individuals.

Recognition for Training Excellence

Mark Dunn, Head of Training for Roofing at Sika, said “In the 18 months l have worked alongside Paul, l have gained so much admiration and respect for what he does. His knowledge and enthusiasm of all things liquid is second to none.

“He still, to this day, gets questions via text from operatives he has trained but hasn’t seen for years, that is how highly Paul is regarded within our industry.

“Paul will be very humble in accepting this award as he doesn’t crave recognition. He gets his job satisfaction by the thousands of people he has passed his knowledge and experience on to during his training courses.

“As his Line Manager, l am extremely proud of Paul and all he has achieved. He is an absolute credit to our department, to Sika and to the Liquid Waterproofing industry and fully deserves this award. Congratulations Paul”.

Best Trainer

Speaking of the value Paul Mahon brings to apprentices and contractors alike, Aaron Cooper, Roofing Training Apprentice at Sika commented.

“Paul is an amazing guy but also, he is the best trainer that I have seen! Every time the contractors come in for the training, he just makes it look so easy and they all respect him and can’t thank him enough by the end of the training sessions! He is willing to help anyone whenever they need it and his commitment to the job is second to none.

“I started my role at Sika at the end of June last year under the guidance of Paul and I could not ask for anyone better to teach me and share all his skills and knowledge with me. The knowledge Paul has is quite remarkable really and hopefully one day I will be able to present the training just as good as he does! Massive congratulations on winning the award, he deserves it!’

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