Rooflights and Fire Regulations – What You Need to Know

THE ROOFLIGHT Association is providing guidance on the fire rating requirements for rooflights in buildings.

The Rooflight Association’s new Quickguides provide information for each of the four devolved UK nations.

They cover the current fire rating classification requirements for internal walls and ceilings, and roof coverings, which apply to rooflights. They also include guidance on the allowances and restrictions relating to the use of thermoplastic rooflights.

Rooflights and Fire Regulations

Rooflight Association Director and Technical Committee representative Stuart Middle, said: “These new documents form part of our online technical library of Quickguides and Technical Documents, allowing specifiers free access to key information”.

As the trade association representing the rooflight industry, The Rooflight Association is the UK’s independent provider of rooflighting technical information.

The four new Quickguides 10EN, 10SC, 10NI and 10WA, can all be downloaded free of charge.

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