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Advanced Systems Roofing & Waterproofing Ltd.

Alpha Roofing & Sheet Metal (2016) Ltd.

Atlas-Apex Roofing (BC) Inc.

Arcona Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd.

Bollman Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd.

BF Roofing Ltd.

Bothwell-Accurate Company (B.C.) Ltd.

Heritage Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd.

Broadway Roofing Co. Ltd.

Interior Roofing (2011) Ltd.

Cambie Roofing Contractors Ltd.

Kelowna Roofing (1984) Ltd.

Cascade Roofing & Exteriors Inc.

Laing Roofing (Vernon) Ltd.

Chilliwack Roofing Ltd.

Laing Roofing Ltd.

Continental Roofing

Nielsen Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd.

Crown Roofing Ltd.

Thompson Valley Roofing Ltd.

Design Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd.

TRS Building Envelope (Tomtar Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd.)

Duron Specialty Contracting Group Ltd.

Western Roofing (Master Roofers) Ltd.

Flynn Canada Ltd.

GRC Columbia Roofing Inc.


Harvard Industries Ltd.

Alpha Roofing & Cladding Inc.

Homan Roofing Ltd.

Aurora Roofing Ltd.

Lam Metal Contracting Ltd.

G & G Roofing Ltd.

Langley Roofing Co. Ltd.

Nelson Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd.

Mack Kirk Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd.

Parker Johnston Industries Ltd.

Marine Roofing (1996) Ltd.

Top Line Roofing Ltd.

Metro Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd.

Universal Sheet Metal Ltd.

Olympic Roofing Ltd.

Pacific Restorations (1994) Ltd.


Raven Roofing Ltd.

101 Industries a Division of CIMS

RooFix Services Inc.

Admiral Roofing Ltd.

Roy Dennis Roofing (2005) Ltd.

D.M. Henderson Roofing Ltd.

Transwest Roofing Ltd.

Eby & Sons Construction Ltd.

Villa Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd.

Mainline Roofing Co. Ltd.

Prince Sheet Metal & Heating Ltd.

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