Roofers Burn More Calories than World Champion Boxers

ROOFERS burn more calories every day than many professional sportspeople, new research has found.

Selco Builders Warehouse has revealed an in-depth look into the most strenuous trade jobs.

The leading builders merchant found that some tradespeople, including roofers, labourers, carpenters and painters are burning more calories on a daily basis than a professional boxer training for a high-profile bout.

The research found boxers burn through around 800 kcals an hour in the build-up to a big fight, generally training for around four to five hours a day.

Roofers Burn More Calories

Tradespeople carrying heavy loads such as roofers, meanwhile, burn 661 kcals an hour – but they typically do this for a longer period than five hours each day. According to Selco’s research, roofers work an average of 43 hours a week.

Former roofer Roman Fury, brother of WBC heavyweight champion Tyson, moved to 4-0 as a pro boxer by beating Martin Svarc on points in Saudi Arabia on the Anthony Joshua vs Francis Ngannou undercard.

Roman, who is sponsored by Selco, said: “It was a good a victory over an undefeated fighter. I’m enjoying it, I’ve been pro for two years now and I’m riding the wave.”

“It’s hard work but, as a former roofer and bricklayer myself, I know how strenuous the job is so I’m not at all surprised by these findings.

“It’s no wonder there are some extremely fit people in the trades when they are so physically active on a daily basis.”

Fury weighed in for his recent bout at 101.65kg. A man of his size can expect to burn 587 calories each hour while pounding a punch bag, 833 kcal when sparring, or even 1,366 kcal when fighting in the ring.

Heavy effort carpentry, meanwhile, uses 578 kcal per hour, the equivalent of 60 minutes of jogging, while planting by hand expends 496 kcal, comparable to a 60 minute cardio workout.

Shovelling is also similar to a 60 minute cardio workout at 479 kcal, while painting the outside of a house uses 413 kcal, the equivalent to a medium-effort resistant training workout such as squats, lunges or deadlifts.

Masonry professionals, though, may need to supplement their job with gym work. An hour of masonry uses 355 kcal, comparable to 60 minutes of curling.

Alison Wong, head of communications and sustainability at Selco, said: “The NHS recommends that each adult aged between 19 and 64 years should do least 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity such as brisk walking or 75 minutes of vigorous intensity activity such as running a week, meaning many tradespeople could have already done their recommended amount of weekly physical activity before lunchtime on Monday!”

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