Recruiter – American Market – Lanarkshire

Role: Recruiter – American Market
Salary: £30,000.00 – £75,000.00 per year
Location: Lanarkshire

Are you a UK perm recruitment consultant with global ambitions? Do you want to join a business which can provide you 5-10 permanent positions with an average fee of £16k per month? Do you like resourcing but despise business development?

This could be the opportunity you have been waiting for!

McCormack Partners is a Hamilton-based recruitment firm which is widely recognised as the leading recruitment firm in the American roofing industry. We work with $1bn turnover roofing contractors as well as small local contractors in places like California, New York, Texas and Miami to help them source specialist staff from managerial to executive level.

Due to the tremendous success of our marketing efforts, positioning our business as this niche’s number one provider, we now have more work than we can handle, and we need YOU to join us on our quest for global domination.

Role & Responsibilities 

From day one, you will be given a desk with 5-10 hot roles to work with and you will be trained by experts in the American roofing industry on how the industry works and the ins and outs of all the positions we recruit for. You will also be upskilled to become a subject matter expert in recruitment and you will be given free rein to develop your desk, build your client list and grow to become a manager, as we build a team of graduates around you.
You will be working 1130-2000 Monday-Thursday and 1100-1700 on Fridays. You should make a minimum of two placements per month, which will give you a minimum of £3000 commission to take home each month.
You will be joining a team of like-minded professionals (not the stereotypical Wolf of Wall Street recruiters) and you will be developed, mentored and pushed to be the best you can be.
You will enjoy international travel, wining & dining your clients across the states and you will be motivated to provide a level of service which is unheard of in the recruitment industry.
You will be paid at least £30k basic and a minimum of £38,400 commission in your first year (OTE) and you will also be given the most cutting-edge AI technology to help you recruit faster.

Apply Now

We currently have two openings for Recruitment Consultants to join our organization and are conducting interviews NOW.

If you think you have what it takes, send your CV and cover letter directly to CEO, Luke McCormack at luke@mccormack-partners.com and, if you are successful, you will be invited for a phone interview with our Senior Recruitment Manager, Brian Taylor.

For more information on us, research us on LinkedIn and be sure to check out our new website.


To apply, please call McCormack Partners on 020 3633 6692
or upload your CV via the McCormack Partners website.

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