Race for £1bn Wolverhampton house building deal

Wolverhampton City Council is looking for firms to sign up to a new housing development framework to speed up the delivery of new council homes and regeneration projects on sites across the city.

The four-year deal will be supported by £109m from the Housing Revenue Account budget, with further provision allowed for within the 30-year HRA business plan.

The council plans to open up the Housing Development Framework to other local authorities through an authorising agreement, generating a potential spend of up to £1bn, it said.

The framework will cover design, pre-construction services, construction and delivery of new homes and housing solutions across a full spectrum of tenures.

It will allow local contractors to apply to the framework to work in partnership with the council to deliver a pipeline of new homes in the medium to long term, supporting the Wolverhampton Pound and local economy.

Wolverhampton Housing Development Framework

Lot 1 – Tasks on small infill sites of up to 3 Dwellings;
Lot 2 – Tasks on infill sites from 4 up to 20 Dwellings;
Lot 3 – Tasks on infill sites of over 21 Dwellings.

The closing date is 21 February for an announcement of successful partners in June 2024

For more information email the city council.

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