Pune Metro’s Pimpri-Nigdi Extension: A Milestone in Connectivity

The Pune Metro project has marked a significant milestone with the commencement of work on its extended route from Pimpri to Bhakti Shakti Chowk in Nigdi. This eagerly awaited extension is expected to significantly ease commuting for the residents of Nigdi Pradhikaran, a rapidly developing area in the Pimpri-Chinchwad region.

The demand for extending the Metro route from Pimpri to Nigdi has been a longstanding one, with citizens of Pradhikaran consistently advocating for this development. Their persistence has paid off, as Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar has assured that soon, residents will be able to travel seamlessly from Nigdi to Swargate by Metro.

The Central government’s approval for the extension, granted on October 23, 2023, paved the way for Maha Metro, the implementing authority of the Pune Metro project, to float a tender for the extension work valued at Rs 9.10 billion. The construction is slated for completion within 130 weeks from the approval date, signalling a swift and efficient timeline for this crucial infrastructure project.

The extended route covers a total length of 4.519 kilometres and includes stations at strategic locations such as Chinchwad, Akurdi, Pradhikaran, and Bhakti Shakti Chowk. This extension is not just about adding more stations; it is about enhancing connectivity and accessibility for residents in these areas, ultimately improving the overall urban mobility landscape in Pune.

The commencement of work on this extension is a testament to Pune’s commitment to sustainable urban development. By investing in efficient and eco-friendly public transportation solutions like the Metro, the city is not only addressing its current transportation challenges but also laying the foundation for a more sustainable future.

As the project progresses, it is expected to create new economic opportunities, enhance connectivity between different parts of the city, and reduce the overall carbon footprint. Additionally, the successful implementation of this extension will further bolster Pune’s reputation as a city that prioritises smart and sustainable urban planning.

In conclusion, the Pune Metro’s Pimpri-Nigdi extension is not just a new stretch of tracks; it is a symbol of progress and development. It signifies Pune’s determination to embrace modern, efficient, and sustainable transportation solutions, setting an example for other cities to follow.

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