Project pros in construction see salaries rise 10%

The average base salary for project professionals in construction has risen by 10% in the last two years to become one of the highest paid sectors in the UK.

The 2023 Association for Project Management (APM) Salary and Market Trends Survey reveals project professionals in construction currently receive an average salary of £57,500 – a rise of 10% from £52,500 in 2021.

The construction sector is joint second in the latest annual rankings alongside consultancy, hospitality and telecoms. At the top are financial services and energy and utilities, both at £62,500.

The average salary for all project professionals sector-wide has remained unchanged since 2020 at £47,500.

The survey found that 59% of project professionals in construction earn above £50,000. The majority enjoyed a pay rise in 2022, with 68% seeing their average salary increase.

Across the profession within the sector, 87% said they are satisfied in their role, 81% are optimistic about the supply of jobs, and 71% are expecting their pay and benefits to rise. Meanwhile, 72% of companies are looking to recruit additional staff.

Professor Adam Boddison OBE, Chief Executive of APM, said: “The construction sector has enjoyed a positive 10% average salary growth among project professionals and has retained its position as one of the most well-paid sectors for the profession, this year’s Salary and Market Trends Survey shows.

“This does not come as a surprise, given the incredible resilience and innovation the sector has consistently shown to navigate successfully out of the pandemic and overcome uncertainties to play a vital role in the post-Covid economic recovery.”

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