Prefab Steel Homes: Cost, Benefits, & More

Designing and building your own home may seem like a dream for many, however, prefabricated buildings make it much more possible in terms of both time and budget. In fact, steel crafted homes can often last for up to a century if well maintained!

On the Rise

Prefabricated homes are increasing in popularity. They are a low-cost solution to long-term housing. By choosing a steel prefab home, you can customize your home to your needs, while staying on budget. In fact, it’s much easier to add new rooms or change the size of your current ones than in a traditionally built home. 

Another major popular benefit of prefab homes is the positive impact on the environment. Most of the steel used in these buildings comes from recycled sources. If you ever decide you want to move, your home can be deconstructed and reused.  

Most steel today doesn’t look like a metal building either. In fact, newer steel can mimic the styles of other materials so you can get the aesthetic you desire. 

Two Styles Available

When you think of prefab homes, you may think about manufactured homes, which are usually constructed in a factory and then conveniently brought to your property. 

Manufactured homes require you to choose from a variety of floor plans and designs, so you and your loved ones can have all the space you need. After you’ve made your choice, they are delivered and installed on the property of your choice. 

However, there is a new emerging option called barndominiums. These also cost much less than traditional homes and are generally made of durable steel. Barndominiums normally consist of a large and tall metal frame that creates an open floor plan. They also generally have more customization options. 

Due to their unique structure, barndominiums are not prone to annoying drafts and leaks, and they even help reduce environmental emissions. If you like the charming look of barn-style homes, this makes an affordable and unique option.

Lower Cost

Constructing a new home typically costs well over $300,000. This number includes the foundation, framing, amenities, site workers, and more, which often only increases in costs depending on your desired details. 

Steel prefab buildings come at an advantage because most average at a smaller overall price. The exterior metal shell typically costs around $20,000 and the installation, interior and exterior finishings, and land will all add on to the final number. However, metal homes tend to have many of the same advantages as traditionally built homes, while nearly always coming out on top with regard to budget. 

Long-term Benefits

Luckily, prefab buildings also require very little maintenance, especially if it’s made from steel. Steel is resistant to common issues like termites, pests, and mold growth, so you won’t have to worry about costly repairs. You can also be assured that steel frames can resist common issues like harsh weather and earthquakes as well. 

Overall, steel prefab homes are a booming environmentally friendly, low-cost, and long-lasting housing option that exceeds traditional homes in a variety of ways.

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