Precast firm FP McCann cleared after immigration raid

Immigration officials have decided to take no action against precast concrete contractor FP McCann after a dawn raid on one of its sites last month.

The Home Office briefed the media on the raid on on the Shotton Mill site in Deeside, north Wales warning that McCann could face fines of up to £225,000 after 13 people were arrested.

But McCann has now been issued a “No Action Notice” from the Immigration Enforcement division of the Home Office after it was established that all its employees were suitably qualified to work in the UK.

The notice is confirmation that the company is not liable for a civil penalty under section 15 of the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006

A spokesperson for FP McCann said: “Since having that early and erroneous press coverage corrected, we along with our legal representatives at Carson McDowell have been working closely with the Home Office to get them to address the damage that has been caused.

“We have also worked closely with the Home Office enforcement team, providing the information that was available to their officers on the particular site visit and also more broadly available to satisfy them of the very comprehensive anti-slavery position adopted by the company both in relation to its direct employees and also articulating that to the subcontract network.

“FP McCann Ltd are now content with the matter being closed with no enforcement action being taken.

“FP McCann would also like to acknowledge the swift and immediate investigative action undertaken by the Home Office and the validation of our strict illegal immigration policies and procedures, resulting in the subsequent and prompt closure of the case by Immigration Enforcement.”

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