Pollution Absorbing Roofing Material IPR License Agreed

TWO EUROPEAN roofing manufacturers have come to an agreement to share NOx reduction technology and drive sustainable roofing solutions.

Photocat A/S, a Denmark-based sustainable technology company and Nexler Sp. z.o.o. a Polish-based bitumen roofing company signed a five-year partnership agreement. The agreement is to introduce NOx reduction into bitumen roofing products. It will span over a minimum quantity of one million m2 of roofing material.

The license agreement follows other contracts with IKO, Danosa, Katepal, and C. Hasse & Sohn to use IPR developed and owned by Photocat.

Photocat says the collaboration represents a significant step forward in bringing cutting-edge air purification solutions to the bitumen roofing industry.

It will drive sustainable solutions in roofing through Photocat’s proprietary and patented photocatalytic technology, providing environmental protection.

Pollution Absorbing Roofing

The technology improves air quality by absorbing and neutralising nitric oxide (NO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO 2), (together abbreviated to NOx). These are the nitrogen oxides that are the most commonly found components of air pollution.

Jesper Elsgaard, Chief Business Officer of Photocat A/S, said, “Our partnership with Nexler Sp. z.o.o. represents a major milestone in our mission to combat NOx emissions in the roofing sector – both in Poland and other geographical markets covered by Nexler. Together, we’re shaping a brighter, cleaner future for our communities by combating NOx pollution – one roof at a time”.

Dawid Debski, Research and Development Director of Nexler Sp. z.o.o added, “We’re excited to integrate Photocat’s cutting-edge technology into our roofing solutions, underscoring our commitment to environmental sustainability and innovation.”

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