New Lease of Life for Heritage Train Station Roof Canopy

REFURBISHMENT works for the main canopy at Lowestoft Train Station in Suffolk are underway following Capel C.S Ltd winning the contract award from its client Greater Anglia.

The project aims to enhance both the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of the traditional canopy.

Roof Refurbishment

The construction contractors will undertake a comprehensive scope of works over the next few months after identifying defects and necessary repairs to the existing canopy.

Carpentry works will be carried out to address structural requirements and ensure of the canopy’s stability and durability for today’s climate, as well as see the repair of fracturing and displaced brick units, restoring the canopy’s architectural integrity.

Capel C.S will also execute all roofing refurbishing works, replacing the existing felt roof covering and soffit boarding, installing boarding installation with EPDM roof membrane laying to ensure superior weather resistance and longevity.

Substitution of the system’s downpipes with cast iron units will also be undertaken, alongside the installation of a roof access man-safe system to ensure that industry compliance and safety standards are being met.

British Heritage Preservation 

Working closely with contractors and the Greater Anglia project management team, Capel C.S will preserve elements of the canopy of British heritage by the recovery and re-fixing of set aside Lowestoft station letters upon project completion, honouring the station’s historical significance.

The canopy will then see the incorporation of modern materials to enhance the canopy’s resilience and visual appeal, including GRP dagger boards panels.

Jon Shepherd, Capel C.S. Contracts Manager

“We are honoured to have been awarded another great project by Greater Anglia for a key station on their network,” said Jon Shepherd, Contracts Manager, Capel C.S.

“The Capel team is committed to delivering high-quality workmanship and completing the project to the highest standards, contributing to the station’s revitalisation and satisfaction of Greater Anglia and its passengers.”

Capel C.S holds an array of station canopy completions under their portfolio for Greater Anglia. With the refurbishment works having recently commenced, the project is expected to be completed within early June.

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