National Highways seeks partner to steer efficiency drive

National Highways is seeking a partner to help transform the agency and find efficiencies in the way it delivers its services nationally.

A transformation consultant will be hired for three years starting from November under a service deal expected to be worth £43m.

This may be extended to five years bringing the total fee to £75m, which National Highways aims to recoup from big savings in both capital and operational expenditure over RIS3.

National Highways hopes the transformation plan will reduce duplication and wasted effort, lead to more transparent decision making and establish a single way of working and managing benefits across its organisation.

Six areas are being targeted for improvement:

Theme 1: Integrated and flexible capital delivery – Delivering efficiently: supporting suppliers and delivering consistently to the right quality and keeping the road safe and effective with minimal closures.

Theme 2: Supply chain aligned to new delivery model and NH ambitions – Being great to do business with: long term, valued and reliable supplier partners with strong relationships and clear visibility of upcoming plans.

Theme 3: Mature asset lifecycle ownership – Owning well-maintained assets: plans timely proactive and cost-effective asset management.

Theme 4: Digitally enabled organisation that delivers on business requirements and customer expectations – Integrating digital and data: innovative sector leader who adopts the right technology, take data-driven decisions and uses technology and data to improve our customers’ experience.

Theme 5: Proactive control of highways network – Getting the most from the network: moving from reactive network interventions to proactive network management with better planning and standard processes to maximise network capacity and customer experience.

Theme 6: Deeply embed environmental sustainability – Environmental champion: evolves, innovates and leads the sector to minimise environmental impact and be trusted to genuinely deliver on the environment by embedding sustainability in all decision-making.

Firms have until 5 February to express interest in the Transformation Delivery Partnership with National Highways planning to invite five to tender in mid-March.

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