Marley Marks One Hundred Years in Business

ROOF SYSTEM manufacturer, Marley, is celebrating its 100-year anniversary this year.

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Founded in 1924 by Owen Aisher, the company began with the production of Marley’s very first concrete roof tile in a humble cowshed on Marley Farm in Kent.

However, it was the determination and entrepreneurial spirit of Marley’s founder’s son, Sir Owen Aisher that led Marley to national and international growth in the decades following the second world war.

100 Years in Business

A century later, 2024 sees Marley celebrate 100 years in business. The intervening decades have seen Marley’s manufacturing facilities expand, its product ranges extended from concrete to clay, a range of accessories, roofing batten and underlay to deliver a comprehensive pitched roof system.

In recent years, Marley introduced the UK’s first fully roof integrated solar PV panel. Today, the company’s solar roof system package is now complemented with inverters, battery storage, and an EV charging point to provide a complete renewable energy system.

Daniel Redfern for Marley says: “We are delighted to celebrate Marley’s 100th anniversary this year. The milestone is testimony to the hard work, diligence, and innovating spirit of colleagues across the decades who have contributed to our collective and ongoing success.

“For any business to be successful for a century is a real achievement and we have managed this because we have continued to react to the market, understand what customers want, and create the system and product solutions that deliver high performing and beautiful roofscapes.

“As we move into our next century of operation, Marley remains focussed on strategic progression, especially as sustainable solutions become more of a priority for everyone.”

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