Mace director joins offsite specialist Reds10

Former Mace director Shaun Tate has been appointed Chief Operating Officer at modular construction specialist Reds10.

Tate worked for Mace for 17 years and launched and ran its business unit focussed on maximising off-site pre-manufacture value and assembly.

Matt Bennion, CEO of Reds10, said: “We are delighted that Shaun has joined the Reds10 team. Like us, Shaun is passionate about changing our industry and is a real innovator in the delivery of high-quality off-site construction.

“His major project experience and drive will help us to accelerate our ambition to become the leader in a new breed of Tier 1 contractors, so that clients have a viable and sustainable alternative to traditional delivery.

“Together, we will continue to challenge and push what the construction industry can and should be, with MMC and technology at its core.”

Tate added: “I genuinely believe that our industry is at a crossroads, and we have a unique opportunity to redefine how the built environment is delivered.

“Off-site construction methods offer an opportunity to drive more intelligent solutions that will enable clients to benefit from a far more predictable and controlled construction delivery experience.

“Our clients deserve far better from our industry and Reds10 offers the repeatable, predictable consistent outcomes that enable them to achieve higher performing buildings with full confidence in delivery every time.

“Reds10’s platform approach, focus on product innovations that meet client needs and vertically integrated model are unique in our industry and mean that we control every step of the production process and our own destiny when it comes to delivery, by driving a production mindset and deploying the right technology through ever more powerful digital platforms.

“To be part of a team with a shared vision of a better future and an insatiable desire to drive our industry and lead a revolutionary change for the better, is something that genuinely excites me, and I can’t wait to get started.”

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