London £3bn housing framework out to tender

Tendering is starting to refresh the line-up of firms for a major London and Home Counties public sector housing framework for new build and retrofit work.

London’s Haringey Borough Council is handling the procurement of the £3bn framework, which has been reshaped to allocate places for SME firms as well as bigger players in the market.

It will replace the existing London Construction Programme major works framework, which is due to expire in October.

The previous framework covered a wider scope that included housing, public buildings and local civils and highways, with over 20 firms appointed.

Under the new arrangement, there will be a specific housing framework that will be expanded to include more firms covering a broader remit of housing work.

The scope of works in the next-generation framework will include new build housing, MMC, planned maintenance, retrofit, fire safety works, refurbishments and adaptations.

Lots for major works housing framework

New build £5-£15m contract value
New build £10m-£25m contract value
New build £20m+ contract value
Single Stage tendering, £5m+ contract value
Modern Methods of Construction, £5m+ contract value
Passivhaus or equivalent, £5m+ contract value
Planned maintenance and fire safety works £1m+
Retrofit, refurbishment and adaptations
Multi-use, £1m+ contract value

The LCP currently has a membership of 60 London and Home County public sector bodies.

Firms have until April to submit bids. Procurement documents are available here.


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