Light Gauge Steel Framing (LGSF) Accessories

Stratus Steel is an LGSF company focused on providing well-engineered superior light gauge steel frames all around the globe.

By partnering with Stratus Steel, you avail a range of services like manufacturing, design, installation and comprehensive back-end support for all LGSF projects.

Stratus Steel has served the LGSF market for over 14 years and we have successfully completed close to 500 projects till date.

Apart from designing and supplying Light Gauge Steel Frames, Stratus Steel also supplies LGSF building products needed to construct your project. The essential range of Stratus Steel building products includes fasteners, steel connectors, insulations, wraps and claddings and linings.

Read on to know more about our range of LGSF Accessories –


Stratus Steel steel framing screws that are engineered for speed, durability and performance.

Designed to deliver the most advanced end-to-end steel frame building solution. Cold formed steel framing is one of the fastest growing construction technologies in the world. As the industry grows new technologies are developed to increase the speed and efficiency of cold formed steel, and the application of steel framing to new areas of construction. Stratus Steel, as the world leader in cold formed steel systems is at the forefront of this development.

The Stratus range of steel framing screws covers all aspects of steel framing including frame assembly, frame erection, structural connections, fixing claddings and linings, flooring and roofing. All fasteners are designed with 3 main objectives – speed, durability and performance.

Hex Head 205
Self drilling screw

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