LHC starts race for major retrofit and decarb framework

Local authority procurement specialist LHC has fired the starting gun on bidding for a new framework to support the retrofit and decarbonisation of the UK’s 6.1m social homes and public sector buildings.

It is consultants consultants and specialists contractors in energy efficiency, heating and ventilation, renewables, electric vehicles and solar PV.

Launching in Autumn 2024, the Retrofit and Decarbonisation (N9) framework is designed to plug into government and energy company schemes including the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund and Home Upgrade Grant.

Together, the schemes are worth £1.4bn, with match funding from social housing from local authorities, social housing providers, and charities adding £1.1bn.

Nick Beard, LHC technical manager, said: “N9 will go live later this year and runs until 2028, so it perfectly aligns with peak public sector demand for expertise in energy efficiency and low-carbon heating solutions.”

“At LHC we are very proactive in our work to attract smaller and more local businesses and underrepresented groups to apply to be part of our frameworks, and the tender process has been adapted with this in mind.

“For example, to access many of the government funding streams, installers must be PAS 2030 certified. Part of our process will be to support appointed companies in achieving these standards within two years of joining the framework, if required.

Tender documents are available via www.lhcprocure.org.uk/itt-n9.

Retrofit and Decarbonisation (N9) Framework workstreams and lots

Workstream 1 – Consultancy

Lot 1 – Energy Policy & Strategy Development and Grant Funding Support

Lot 2 – Management Agent / Multi-Disciplinary Consultancy

Lot 3 – PAS 2035 (Domestic Building Audits & Heat Decarbonisation Plans)

Lot 4 – PAS 2038 (Commercial Audits & Heat Decarbonisation Plans)

Workstream 2 – Multi-Disciplinary Works

Lots 5-7 – Multi-Disciplinary Works

Workstream 3 – Building Insulation & Performance (Passive)

          Lots 8-12 – insulations

          Lot 13 – Rainscreen Cladding

Workstream 4 – Heating Systems

Lot 14 – Domestic Boiler Based Heating Systems

Lot 15 – Domestic Renewables Space Heating Systems

Lot 16 – Commercial & Communal Heating Systems

Lot 17 – District & Network Heating Systems

Lot 18 – Electrical Heating Systems

Lot 19 – Building Ventilation Systems

Workstream 5 – Control and Management Systems

Lot 20 – Building Management Systems

Lot 21 – Individual Metering

Workstream 6 – Electrical

Lot 22 – Solar PV and Battery Storage

Lot 23 – EV Charging

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