LGSF – Ensuring quality of frames during transit and storage

Light Gauge Steel Frame is a construction technology that uses cold-formed steel as the primary construction material. It can be used for roof systems, floor systems, wall systems, roof panels, decks as well as the entire building.

Modern light steel framing systems use sections that are cold-formed from rolls of pre-galvanized (zinc-coated) strip steel. The zinc coating is able to protect the steel much more reliably than paint coatings because it protects the steel in two ways.

Firstly, the zinc coating acts as a physical barrier between a potentially corrosive environment and the steel base.

Secondly, protection is provided through galvanic or sacrificial protection at cut edges and scratches. Modern light steel framing uses ‘warm frame’ construction where all the light steel framing is in a warm, dry environment hence the risk of moisture within the building envelope is largely eliminated. 

In addition to the durability of the galvanized coating, the good performance of buildings using these light steel components is enhanced because it –

does not shrink, warp or change its shape  

does not creep under load

has properties that remain constant over its life

is unaffected by water overflow (provided that this is an infrequent occurrence)  

does not suffer from fungal or biological deterioration. 

is non-combustible and fire resistant  

is not susceptible to insect infestation  

is of reliable and highly uniform quality  

is not affected adversely by normal temperature ranges 

These properties are all aspects of durability and maintenance-free construction. Particularly important to the owner and builder is the reduced number of callbacks in light steel framing that would otherwise be necessary to rectify cracking caused by shrinkage and other movements of more traditional materials. 

That being said, it is still crucial to treat the material with utmost care while loading – unloading, stocking and on-site.

LOADING STAGE – When the Light Gauge Steel frames are being loaded into a truck or vehicle, make sure the personnel is wearing personal protective gear. The LGS Frames should be loaded in a proper manner – i.e. stacked on top of one another in a way that prevents friction thereby avoiding scratches on the material. Ensure that the personnel don’t throw the material into the vehicle but place it carefully so it reaches the site in perfect condition.

UNLOADING STAGE – This stage is even more important. Ensure the personnel unload the LGS Frames in a careful manner rather than throwing the frames to the ground in a hurry. Secondly, consider where to unload the material as well. This is key to making sure that the material does not suffer damage while unloading. Opt for a flat surface to unload the material preferably with PCC thereby creating a suitable space for the frames to be set. The surface should be free of gravel, stones, pebbles, mud and any other material that could damage the steel frames. 

STORAGE – If the material isn’t to be used immediately and one has to keep it on-site or in a factory for a few weeks or months, take precautionary measures toward the safety of the material. Make sure the frames are covered with tarpaulin so as to protect them from harsh weather conditions. 

Apart from measures taken by LGSF manufacturers while producing the steel, it is recommended one follows these measures to maintain the quality of the steel frames.

The material won’t corrode or be unsuitable for use due to the quality measures taken by LGSF manufacturers however there is always a risk of denting, self-sacrificing ( material developing red-ish spots due to improper storage)  and other damages due to improper handling of the material during transit to the site. 

As stakeholders of the LGSF industry, we find it important to share these measures and tips with you so the quality, effectiveness and resourcefulness of the frames remain intact throughout the construction process.

Stratus Steel has been in the Light Gauge Steel Framing (design & fabrication) business for over 14 years and completed over 600 successful builds with happy customers all over India.

We specialize in fast-track construction for modular builds using LGSF as our base technology. From resorts, cottages, pods, and private homes to residential towers, hospitals, schools and commercial complexes we have served various niches in this market.

In case of any doubts on the subject or inquiries on a new build, please feel free to write to us at work@stratus-steel.com or call +91 9156551673.

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