JCT Povey Lecture 2023 to Host the Terminator

SIMON TOLSON, senior partner at Fenwick Elliot LLP, is giving this year’s JCT Povey Lecture, entitled ‘The Terminator’, on Wednesday, 22 November 2023.

The presentation will discuss the latest case law, developments, and legal issues surrounding the termination of construction contracts.

Termination is a powerful device that discharges all unperformed primary obligations under the contract yet to accrue, and ends the contractual relationship, often instantaneously.

Profound commercial and financial consequences for the parties can ensue. This can be acute for the defaulting party. Not only are they deprived of the benefit of the contract; in many cases they must also compensate the injured party in damages. But, equally, getting it wrong can also be very dangerous for the ‘innocent’ party.

There have been a number of important decisions in the courts since 2022, the implications of which will be examined by Simon in more detail.

Simon’s presentation will be essential viewing not just for JCT contract users but all those involved in the contractual process in the construction industry.

About the Speaker

Simon Tolson is a senior partner at Fenwick Elliott LLP, and a solicitor, chartered arbitrator and adjudicator. He was admitted as a solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales in 1987.

He has specialised in construction and energy dispute law for over 35 years on a huge range of project types and infrastructure developments in the UK and overseas. Most of his work has been involved with disputes and dispute resolution with extensive court, international arbitration, as well as construction adjudications and mediations. During his career he has led over 20 reported cases in the courts.

Simon is a past chairman of the Technology and Construction Solicitors’ Association and now the Honorary President.

The JCT Povey Lecture

The JCT Povey Lecture is an online event hosted and presented by JCT chair, Karen Kirkham. Karen will give a welcome address and also host a post-event discussion/Q&A, for which audience members will be able to submit questions via the online interface.

The JCT Povey Lecture is open to members of the JCT Network. To receive an invite, the JCT Network can be joined here. The event will take place at 4.00 p.m. on Wednesday, 22 November 2023.

The JCT Povey Lecture was inaugurated in 2003 to acknowledge and pay tribute to Philip Povey, who served JCT for fifty years. The lecture is an annual event at which an eminent person is invited to give their thoughts on significant matters relevant to the construction and property industry. The purpose of the series is to stimulate thought and encourage ways of continuing to improve the quality and value of construction output.

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