Historic Roof Restoration Underway at School Towers

ROOF REPAIRS worth £2,250,000 are taking place on one of Wolverhampton’s most historic buildings – The Towers building at Tettenhall College.

The project at the private school started in September 2023 and is scheduled to run through to 2025. It will see the complete re-roofing of the building before renovation of the interior begins.

The Towers building is Grade II listed and dates from the 19th century with 17th century origins. It includes two octagonal towers, one housing the library and the other known as the Flag Tower.

The Towers’ was the home of Colonel Thorneycroft who was an inveterate inventor of domestic appliances from boot warmers to ventilation systems and means to capture methane from foul drainage. The building includes a triple tier theatre and ballroom with its own bespoke suspended sprung floor.

The roof work is designed to address serious flaws in the roof drainage. Many of these problems stem from Thorneycroft’s efforts to recycle rainwater to supply a waterfall in the theatre.

Roof Restoration

The renovation to date has seen the complete replacement of the roofs to both towers, including replacing damaged timbers, the laying of new roof coverings and the application of period-specific render. The traditional render was essential to replace modern finishes that had been applied and had prevented the building structure ‘breathing’.

Towers is home to a Victorian theatre, a beautiful library and classrooms that are used by all pupils from nursery through to sixth form.

Once work has been completed, the doors to this beautiful, historic building will once again be fully open. Built in the late 18th century, the building has been part of Tettenhall College since 1943 when Tettenhall Towers was bought by the school.

Headmaster Christopher McAllister said, “The Towers building holds a special place in our hearts. The renovation represents a significant milestone in the school’s ongoing commitment to excellence in education and heritage preservation.”

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