Healthcare construction & why LGSF is your best option

Prefabricated hospital is the new normal, that has been practiced over a number of years now. 

Prefabricated hospitals are highly durable, they are earthquake resistant and can be prepared within a short span of time. The prefab hospitals can be mounted and dismounted quite easily, over again and again. These modular hospitals are built by proper sanitary installation, window glasses, heating ventilation and air conditioning and much more.

A more recent example of “why you need to opt for prefabrication than regular construction is right here in front of your eyes, The Pandemic!

Here’s why Modular construction for hospuitals using LGSF is better than using other technologies :

Maintains a peaceful environment – 

LGSF is a noise-free construction technology best suited for healthcare construction.

There are no big machines on site and not a lot of material being transported thereby reducing disturbance to the environment.

Since most construction is done off-site, the movement of labor around the hospitals & units is reduced.

Improves infection control – 

LGSF modular construction minimises the workers’ needed as well as their interaction at the construction site as most of the building work takes place off-site in a factory setting. Also, LGSF modular construction process creates lesser noise, air pollution and wastage of the raw materials hence promising infection control.

Material control – 

With LGSF, all your materials & componenents are manufactured at the factory and not on-site. This helps consume just the right amount of material, ensure safety and control the quality of products manufactured. Material control and quality vetting is essential when it comes to building a hospital and LGSF offers just that.

Enhancing productivity – 

Due to LGSF’s off-site construction, your business can perform usually. Also, since most of the building process takes place in a factory, it eliminates the risk of delay in the building timelines due to worker issues, bad weather, etc. LGSF does not require more than a team of 10-12 skilled workers thereby promising better coordination.

Greater flexibility –

Modular construction is highly flexible. From hospital buildings to diagnostic centres and quarantine facilities, modular units are efficiently designed to fit traditional hospitals. The technique also allows building portable units that can be easily transported to different parts of the country where there is greater demand. These units can be easily disassembled, removed and refurbished as per the changing needs.


LGSF structures are highly durable and have a longer shelf life than most technologies. An LGSF modular hospital can last anywhere between 50-100 years with minimal maintenance.  Prefabricated hospitals can withstand the earthquakes thereby showing just how strong & safe a prefabricated hospital can be. 

Flexibility in design – 

One of benefits LGSF modular construction offers is the flexibility it provides in terms of design. The design of the modular units can be altered according to your requirements to build an office, lab, healthcare clinic, waiting rooms, etc. Based on your specific needs, the building can consist of a single module or multiple modular units placed together to form a single facility.

These modular buildings can be converted into portable wards with minimal effort owing to their customizability, portability and ease of installation.

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