GPS Renewables & SAF One Forge India’s First Major SAF Facility

GPS Renewables, a pioneering Indian clean fuels technology company, has forged a strategic alliance with SAF One, headquartered in Dubai, to embark on the construction of a groundbreaking Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) production facility within India. Envisioned as a flagship endeavour, this collaborative initiative is poised to annually generate between 20 to 30 million litres of SAF by harnessing lignocellulosic waste feedstock, thereby propelling India’s aviation sector toward a more sustainable future.

This endeavour signifies a significant leap in India’s aviation landscape, aligning with the nation’s mandate to introduce a 1-5% blend of SAF in aviation fuel by 2027. Mainak Chakraborty, the CEO and Co-Founder of GPS Renewables, underscores the imperative for collective action in overcoming the multifaceted challenges associated with SAF production, expressing optimism about the synergistic potential of the GPS Renewables-SAF One collaboration.

Deepak Munganahalli, Co-Founder and Director of SAF One, underscores the strategic importance of this venture for India’s burgeoning aviation sector, which stands on the cusp of exponential growth. Leveraging GPS Renewables’ expertise in green energy projects and SAF One’s specialised proficiency in sustainable aviation fuels, the collaboration promises to be a formidable force driving innovation in the field.

In addition to spearheading the SAF initiative, GPS Renewables remains at the forefront of various biofuel technologies, encompassing Compressed Biogas (CBG), Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), 2G ethanol, and green hydrogen. With a track record of establishing over 100 biogas plants, including Asia’s largest RNG plant in Indore, derived from Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), GPS Renewables exemplifies a steadfast commitment to pioneering sustainable energy solutions.

The involvement of EY as the exclusive M&A investment banker for GPS Renewables underscores the strategic significance of this transaction, poised to fortify India’s clean energy infrastructure and effectively cater to the evolving energy requirements of the burgeoning aviation industry.


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