Explore Structural Fasteners by Bullion Pipes and Their Applications

To successfully finish a construction project, the workers must have access to different types of fasteners. These elements that connect or fix two elements are known for their characteristics like heavy-duty and strong materials. Fasteners make it easier to build buildings with steel-to-steel joints. They are the apt choice for joining two metal structures together.

There are many different types of fasteners, and each has a specific function that it fulfills in the construction industry. As a means of connecting girders and metal beams. They find widespread use in the construction of bridges and buildings. Fasteners made of tempered and quenched with the tensile strength of at least 120 kilos per square inch (KSI) classify as tools for structural use.

Bullion Pipe is a leading fastener manufacturer offering the following types of fasteners in different materials and grades.

Heavy hex bolts

Heavy hex bolts may be distinguished from normal hex bolts by their distinctive thick and large hexagonal head. Heavy hex bolts for structural application are the best option for making structural connections between two pieces of steel. They have a short length. Specifications of A325 and A490 are not suitable for ordinary applications like anchor bolts and other fasteners. In these situations, A449 for A325 and A354 is more appropriate.

Heavy hex nuts

Heavy Hex Nuts, also known as Finish Nuts, are used in conjunction with bolts to provide both strength and the appearance of a thick layer.

Flat washers

These spacers and load distributors have low deformation and high hardness. They are referred as plain washers or flat washers.

Cap screws and bolts

These involve carriage bolts of Grade 2, 5, and 8 plough bolts, in addition to other types.

Construction screws

They are known as structural fasteners and contain a broad variety of screws, such as self-drilling screws, reamer screws, lath screws, and roofing screws, amongst other types.


Inserts such as flange inserts, blind inserts, and thread-seat inserts find application in the construction of various projects.

Weld Studs

These heavy-duty fasteners comprising of types of fasteners like concrete anchors, weld studs, and others.

Studs with threads

It doesn’t matter whether you choose an all-thread stud or an all-thread rod; either one is ideal for doing heavy-duty jobs such as construction works, motor, and equipment production, or even building structures.

Final thoughts

There is a large variety of structural fasteners, each of which is suited for a particular use. They can effectively carry out their tasks when employed appropriately with the appropriate hardware components. It is necessary to place the utmost importance on selecting structural fasteners of the highest possible quality since these fasteners will be responsible for holding together significant and heavy constructions.

Therefore, structural fasteners must be long-lasting, robust, resistant to rust and corrosion, and capable of fulfilling their function for an extended length of time. Not only does the use of structural fasteners of low quality diminish the structure’s strength, but it also puts people’s lives in danger.

Opt for a quality fastener manufacturer and supplier like Bullion Pipes

Bullion Pipes offer ISO-certified structural fasteners. The company is a leading pipe, pipe fittings, and fastener supplier worldwide. Experts at Bullion Pipes and Tubes LLP have extensive knowledge and years of experience in the field of fasteners. The company can evaluate and learn your unique requirements, supplying you with the appropriate types of fasteners for a particular project. 

In addition to extensive fastener grades and size, the company also offer customization option, making them a sought-after fastener supplier. Every product at Bullion Pipes and Tubes LLP undergoes rigorous quality tests, from raw material selection to the final product. The company also ensures timely delivery of their highly reliable products. Explore their structural fastener range by visiting their website today!

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